Strictly About Pizza


It was just a relatively small little frozen pizza and I added a bunch of extra cheese to it. The box said it was only 70g… which normally id dose 8-9 units of humalog or novolog for, and then invariably end up with a big spike 3+ hours later… so I did 12u R about 15 min before I started eating. I’m really starting to appreciate the benefits of R…

I will have to try it next time with a real pizza


i couldnt wait long enough to get off of the R. but then again, i have a pump, so i can program it any which way for deliveries.

are you a pumper or do you do MDI ?

for pizza, i extend my bolus for 2.5 hours. its a thing of beauty.

sunday we are going out for burgers, fries, guacamole and chips at our favorite burger joint. i am sooo excited. (i need to extend the bolus for 3 hours (that totals 7 hours of running active insulin in my body! wow.)


I am 100% in the mdi/ afrezza camp… extending the bolus 2.5-3 hours is pretty much the same thing as taking 1.5x R instead.

I don’t think I could stand having a pump attached to me


i am in love with my pump. and i am tethered. i was doing MDI for years and years. i hated it. and my A1cs sucked big time. with my pump i can basically micro manage everything. and its such a fashion statement :wink:


I’ve had a1cs in the 4s with mdi and afrezza… it’s a different era of insulin technology than when a lot of people switched from R and NPH to pumps in my thinking


it must be. i guess thats why so many people are still doing MDI. i just associate R, NPH, Lente, etc. with old world insulin management. and my life, then, was out of control. i was locked into a world of restrictions which i hated. when i went on the pump, my world expanded, and it continues to do so day by day.

but hey, YDMV, and if you can eat the pizza you want to and keep a nice flat line, koodos. eat it all. god knows, eric does!!! :wink:


I have been reading this thread avidly, since Pizza while seriously tasty is generally not worth the headache and bgs that follow for me. That said, I am about to glom. 2 slices of my so’s pizza and try one of the aforementioned techniques. If it works… Life will be amazing… Pizza amazing… Here’s hoping!


i am wishing you the best of luck and praying that you find your pizza formula; try not to quit. if at first you dont succeed. try try again.

pizza formulas are worth all the torment to get there!!! :wink:


I’m on a pizza/beer spike right now. I know I CAN manage it better but I was with people and didn’t feel like it. 7u at 2:40pm, at 4 pices of pizza (more than I thought I was going to eat) and 2 beers over the next 2 hours. Still hovering around 200 even though I did a 7u IM correction 2 hours ago. About correct again… I know i can do better buts it requires lots of thinking and monitoring and knowing how much will eat and thougtful guesses at the nutrition facts all of which is fairly disruptive to socializing at networking happy hour. It was good pizza, had bacon on it.


Oy… 2 Ipas for me, and 2.slices of pie. Bolused 22. 3 units over 2. 5 hours. Let’s see what happens… Woohoo!


Elver, as i think i have mentioned before, pizza is a tricky food and requires a lot of experimentation. i believe that pizza is a necessary part of life and therefore worth the trouble. :wink:

a major part of my experiments was returning to the exact same pizza joint every time. not all pizzas are created a like and sticking with one place allowed me to have the consistancy in their ingreadients as well as my insulin needs for those.

beware of the thickness of the crust, the sweetness of the sauce, and the amount of cheese on the slices. this will be a good starting guide to start experimenting from.

wishing you the very best of luck and perseverence. it is worth the trouble!!!


Thank you thank you @daisymae for your words of encouragement. My initial pizza “experiment” went well based on some of the tips posted on FUD. So well, that I am inclined to try again soon to see if it was a one-of experience or something that I might be able to duplicate. I will definitely have the same pizza type/quantity/etc, to limit the variables of the data set as much as possible.

Woohoo! Pizza!! :rofl:



In the course of your experiments, I am continuing to wonder how the variable of quantity impacts the entire subject.

Should you find it reasonable to only have one slice (which I understand is perhaps beyond the topic of polite conversation - lol) then I would find it interesting to know if you bolus that just as any regular food with no special “Pizza Protocols” or if one slice is (for the most part) similar to 2, 3 or 4 slices with a linear progression.


just cooincidence, but i am going out with my husband for pizza this evening for dinner. i plan of 2 to 2.5 slices. we’ll see how it goes.


pizza is weird for me, and apparently for many more of us. if i am only having 1 slice (whats the point of that :wink:), i only need to bolus for 75gms. but if i want just one more slice, i bolus for 95 gms. i have no idea how this works or why; i just know that this has been my experience.

but, i always have to do a dual bolus of 35% (40% sometimes) up front, and then the remaining 75% over 2.5 hours. this has to do to all the fat i have to cover b/c it slows down the digestion from all the cheese and the grease.

also, b/c i am not on a CGM, i have to test very frequently to make certain that my BG is in a safe range. (no crashing, no spiking…if either, i treat immediately)


So my ask on the one slice is 'cause

(not sure I should say this)

But my T1 only has 1 slice.

(Totally not due to me. 100% personal choice !!!)


well, i cant speak for your T1. i dont know what kind of pizza he likes. different pizza places, and i’ve said this before, have different formulas for making their pies. i have only gone to one place for my pizza; i figure i will go to my most favorite place and return and return and return so that i can figure out a guesstimate for that particular recipe.

some places use extra cheese, some have more sugar in the sauce, some are more thick crusted, etc etc. i recommend taking an educated guess based upon how he digests other similar foods with high fat content and simple carbs. i started basing my experiment on how much i needed for a grilled cheese sandwich, and then i went from there. i missed the mark so many times before i had some success with it.

also, i dont know what your target range is, so i cant help you there. i like to be between 75 and 110. if i am over 140, i consider that high. (it used to be 80 - 180 BG as my target range)

i will say a prayer if you say one for me :blush:. i wish you all the very best. let us know how it goes. i know everyone here (pizza junkies) will benefit from your experience.



Food metabolism is generally not linear. There is a limit to how the body is able to do things. Most anything people do is non-linear.

The world record in the 100 meter is 9.58 seconds. Obviously the world record in the 400 meter is more than 38.32 seconds (4 x 9.58). Our stomachs work the same!

The commonly accepted maximal absorption rate for glucose in the intestine is thought to be about 72-102 grams per hour when a person is at rest.

More carbs per hour can be metabolized if different sugar sources are used.

During intense exercise, the most efficient way to absorb carbs is 2-to-1 ratio of glucose to fructose.

Sorry, got sidetracked!

Um…pizza! There…


Eric, can you please explain this as if you were talking to a small child. it all sounds so facinating and relavent, but i have the mind of one with a very low IQ.