Strange things happening

Freaky situation this morning…

I had attempted to pair my wife’s Android phone with Liam’s transmitter after I found out G5 Mobile is now offered for that device. It didn’t pair correctly and I found out it was because I already had it paired with 2 devices - the receiver, and my iPhone. So I just forgot about it.

This morning at 08:30 my iPhone Mobile app suddenly stops working…so I’m like wth. I open up the Follow app and see that I’m still getting data in that, though. I scratch my head trying to figure this out (it’s early, I haven’t had coffee), then it dawns on me. At 8:30 this morning my iPhone lost the connection and since my wife’s phone was also in the room, hers is the one that picked up the connection instead of mine.

So, after discussing it with her we decided that this is actually much better…now we can both keep our own phones (before Android was approved (which is her phone), we had to pair with my iPhone (which had to stay near Liam), and I would use Follow via her Android phone to see the data). Now, when she’s home, we’ll stay paired through her phone and the receiver and I’ll keep my bluetooth “off”. When she leaves to go shopping or w/e and she’s taking her phone, I’ll switch my bluetooth “on” to begin getting the data again. Swapping back and forth like that we’ll both be able to keep our phones with us and still get Liam’s data on the Follow app when the other is sharing the data.

Probably common sense, but it hadn’t dawned on me until this morning when my app G5 mobile app stopped working and hers started working.


I bet that is a super-confusing thing parents have to deal with - multiple phones, sharing, needing the share phone to be near the CWD at all times, possibly having to swap the share phone as the situation changes. I admire your ability to juggle all that!


Maybe this gets easier when Liam has his own phone he carries that is the dedicated sharing phone?

He would be the coolest kid in school, strutting into pre-k on the first day with his very own iPhone…


WE use a little tank top with a pre-sewn pocket in it that carries Samson’s iPhone on his back. I think the coolness factor has not occurred to Samson or his peers as of yet…


I’ve seriously wondered how you managed that! I figured it was something along those lines. As long as he doesn’t know how to unlock it and get to games, all will be swell. :wink:

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yes, since it’s on his back, it’s in that special spot where none of us (Except the uber flexible) can reach. We have a password on it and since his grasp of numbers is still rudimentary, we’re safe for now. Although he’s picking them up pretty quickly; i wouldn’t be surprised if he figures out how to unlock it within a year.

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Then he will join the 21st century in a hurry, candy crushing his way to retreating brain stall.

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