Question about G5 pairing

After our receiver crapped out we got to thinking of how we may discontinue using an actual receiver since we can track BG’s with the G5 Mobile App. Before the receiver crapped out, Erin and I were both able to get the data into our Mobile Apps…not at the same time, but when Erin takes Liam with her in the mornings, her bluetooth connection will pick up the transmitter signal and start sending the data to her phone. Then when she gets home, she turns off her bluetooth and my Mobile App starts collecting the data again.

However, since the receiver died, her phone has not picked up data at all. So I’m wondering now whether, perhaps, a single smart phone “pairing” is permitted? Since our receiver is (what we believe to be) off, shouldn’t her phone AND my phone be able to pick up the transmitter signal? I can think of two reasons that would make this not possible. First, the receiver is still “paired” even though it’s not functioning thereby preventing a second smartphone connection or second, only a single smart phone pairing is permitted.

If the former…what are we going to do when we get the new receiver in today? If the old receiver is still in the “paired” position…and we can’t stop sensor / shut down the receiver due to the error, what needs to be done in this case?

You don’t need the old dead receiver to do anything. You can just enter the transmitter ID into the new receiver and it should pick it right up and start getting readings from the sensor. If it has been more than 7 days since a restart, it will make you restart.

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I would love to find what you prove on this subject. Hope you’ll report back!

Possibly @Thomas has some info on that?

I agree with @Eric. The new receiver should have no pb as soon as you enter the Tx ID.