Urgent please help! New transmitter

I stopped my G6 sensor and inserted a new one. I have a new transmitter, but when I went to start the new sensor my receiver never asked to pair the new transmitter. Instead it said my old transmitter will only last one more session! I wanted to use the new transmitter. Help! What do I do! P.S. I don’t have an app, I’m just using the Dexcom receiver.

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Here is dexcom instructions, receiver instructions after app instructions.



I don’t understand? Why not just use the old transmitter for another session then pair a new transmitter when it prompts you to at your next change?


Can you pop the new transmitter out, wait 15 minutes, put the old transmitter in, and start it?

That would give you another week and save your new transmitter, right?

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@Sam @Eric
Yes, I just went with the old transmitter and the sensor is now warming up. I wasn’t sure how long the transmitter was going to last, and I’m past the 90 days, so I thought I needed to put the new one in. I’ve only done this a couple of times, and with 3 months in between, I forgot what to do. 🤷
P.S. I’m going through a bad spell with anxiety. :worried:


@Sam @Eric @MM2
Thanks for your help when I was panicking over something silly!
That’s what this group is great at, not making fun of anyone for dumb questions! :hugs:


Hi @Jan!
If the transmitter lets you start a new session, it will last for that entire session. At least that’s the way it’s “supposed” to work. So the time to change the transmitter is only after it will not let you start a new session.

If you were going on a trip or something, then you might want to start a new transmitter earlier than you needed to. So that the old one did not die when you were away from home. Otherwise, ride that thing as long as you can.

One of my professors used to say, “No such thing as dumb questions, only dumb answers.”


dumb questions are great as they make you rethink your understanding of the topic and can change an arrogant mindset.

I was in the Sahara and had resurrected a number of vehicles in our group - the problem was because we were focused on what we thought was the problem or the perfect solution. We were arrogantly thinking we knew what we were doing. It was only when a non-engeneer said “I think this may be a dumb question and pointed to a black piece of rubber - what is that?” That’s when we realised our lack of gear change in lower gears was due to THAT piece of rubber - it was one of the engine mounts and with an out of aligned engine it was no wonder we had gear select issues and it also explained the melted portion of the rear plastic bumper.

Bring on the questions, they all help to refocus our thoughts.


I use day 99 as the last day to start new sensor, although have heard some say they got to day 112 (with start at day 102?)

(Of course we know G5 and early G6 would keep on reading with xDrip, until the battery was truly dead, some lasting much longer.)