Our first CGM session PAST 2 weeks

We changed Liam’s CGM on 9/24 (when I posted links about the DexTape). Today makes day 16 and we are JUST beginning to have the ‘bad data’ issues that come once it’s been on so long. Usually we can only get just under 2 weeks and are forced to change it at the 2 week period. This time his data was so strong (no disconnects in data at all) at the 2 week point we just said wth…let’s start up a new session to see how it goes. I know it’s not a lot longer, but today is day 16 and it’s finally losing connectivity…so for us, 16 days is the record at keeping one session going.

Now the question is…what would you do? This transmatter battery EXPIRES (like done…need new transmitter) on the 16th. So this transmitter has a week left on it before it’s kaput. Would you all start a new sensor session and use the existing transmitter for the week, then change it out again with the new transmitter? Downside: We would have to change it in one week as opposed to the normal 2 weeks for a standard session. Upside: We use the transmitters full capacity/battery. Or would you just use a new transmitter?


That is really cool that you are progressing on his front too!

I am a cheapskate. I would use every day of the old transmitter I can get. Then, on the new transmitter, I would use every day of the old sensor I can get :slight_smile:

You don’t have to change the sensor when you change the transmitter. Just leave the old sensor in, stop the session, skip out the old transmitter, then bed the new one in, start a new sensor session.

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However, beware the limits that @Thomas listed in Maximize Dexcom G5 Transmitter Life. You need to time your last session just right.

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I forgot this point! No need to change the actual sensor out, just the transmitter. We’ll go this method then!


If I follow your timeframe correctly, I would probably start a new sensor with your next restart in order to max out the life of the old transmitter, since if you need to force a restart on the old transmitter due to sensor failure, you may need to prematurely switch transmitters. And yes, no need to swap a working sensor when you switch transmitters.