Strange happenings -stay away from plasma balls of you wear a CGM

Ok… Am I just connecting things that aren’t really there or is it possible that those plasma balls can interfere with the cgm data somehow?

Brand new sensor session (2nd day). Liam starts playing around with one of his brothers plasma globe ( the one you put your fingers on and small lightning is drawn to your fingers inside the globe) and his CGM stopped sending data.

Is it possible? For now I’ve told him to leave the globe alone to see if it’s somehow causing this.

Those things can interfere with RF energy, so it is certainly possible. Tune an AM radio to a station so it is very clear and then put the plasma ball next to the radio and you can see what happens.

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It’s been signal lost for an hour almost… Hoping it picks back up soon.

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In the past I was told by dexcom that static likely caused a similar failure for mine, but I think it was the older dexcom seven. (Also known as the football).

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