G6 sensor problems with blood thinners?

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone out there who is on the G6 or other CGM and taking a blood thinner? I am on the G6 and have had the gambit of sensor failures with approximately 150 replacements over the past year and a half. I started to notice when I have calibration errors, sensor errors, and extreme inaccuracies that blood has saturated the sensor when I remove it sometimes having a “gusher” from the insertion site. Blood and other substances if you skin is not clean interfere with the filament which is attempting to read interstitial fluid. Dexcom tech support had no solution.

So are the use of blood thinners a contraindication for the use of CGMs because they are all based on filament technology except for maybe Eversense?

I appreciate the feedback from this group. I am going through sensors like water on my 5th one this weekend and having to use my glucometer more than I ever did without the G6.

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Holy hell, I have never heard of blood thinners as a contraindication, but that is a lot of sensors to go through. Have you tried alternate locations, and do the sensors fail everywhere or just your belly?

I have only used my abdomen as a site. I am waiting for a response from the lead Senior Tech Supervisor.

I hope tech support helps you and resolves your issue. If their solution doesn’t end up working, if you put the sensor in tissue that isn’t quite as vascular it might lead to less issues?? Dexcom hasn’t approved of the site, but my son uses the back of his arms and they have worked well for him for the last few years. Might be worth a try if Dexcom is unable to offer a solution.

Thanks, Chris. I have not had an accurate sensor for weeks. I will try the back of my arm and possibly my leg when I replace my current one.

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Hello, I am a T1 diabetic and had a heart attack in February and was put on a blood thinner. I have noted this same situation since being out on it with my Dexcom system. Like you, I have times when the sensor is very painful this is when I know something is wrong, on examination it always appears that the cannula has a glob of blood on it, maybe closing it off and the blood pools up and under the sensor then giving odd readings. I have found that putting the sensor somewhere other than my stomach helps but is not full proof. But I always have issues in the stomach and then bad bruising. I’m thankful for Dexcom but wish this could not be an issue.