Stolen Pump Story


So, we had an unusual and frustrating series of events here in happy land. My son was at a pre-school workout and didn’t have time to lock his bags up in the gym locker room. So he set all three of his bags in a pile. While he does workouts he takes off his pump and pumpband and stashes them in a zipped pocket in his dia bag. Well someone apparently unzipped the bag and took his pump and pumpband and left everything else.

Once we found out, we notified the school, searched thoroughly multiple times, made a police report and kept our fingers crossed. My son did a good job and kept himself going for the rest of the day with hourly shots of short acting until we got to a reasonable time to inject some basal insulin we had laying around.

Thankfully whoever took it figured out they might be in deep %$@* and they dumped it in a back area of the school this morning and it was recovered today. So now, in addition to everything else we get to figure out how to test to ensure the pump still works…just lovely.


Wow, mega stress. So glad it all worked out, though!


Me too, it was a real eye opening for my son when he had to invite the police in to make a report.


That would be upsetting on many levels. Glad you guys got it back, and I hope it’s in the exact same shape.


Sorry that happened. :frowning: I guess he’ll be locking everything up all the time now?


Yes, yes he will be locking it up every day. And there is another thing that will be on his 504, access to a locker room locker for the rest of high school.


I can just imagine the disappointment the thief felt when he realized that what he had stolen was not the cool pager thingy he thought it was.

I am so glad it was recovered, now lets hope it still works properly.


I will post the update once I work with Tandem to figure just that thing out.


I have heard some people say they include their pump on insurance policy. Do you do that ??


I was thinking about this too… expecting to find something they could easily sell, definitely did not find that. Either had no idea what it was or actually realized they stole someone’s medical device. (Hopefully it was the latter and they feel immense guilt over it :innocent:)


I had not included it in the past, but will be contacting my insurance to add it as an individual rider like jewelry.


@MM2’s insurance idea is great. I will do same if we go to a traditional pump.

@Chris, this must have been stressful for Cody, I am really sorry for him. What a relief it ended better than it started.

On the other hand, what despicable behavior for the thief.


So… Just contacted my insurance company based on this thread… If you rent like us poor Californians do, a loss by fire or theft would be covered on your renters insurance. Yay! No extra rider needed.


I lost sight of my pump for a few minutes while going through airport security recently. I started thinking about what would happen if I lost my pump.

Does anyone have recommendations for small durable custom stickers or something to put on pumps?


@Chris I was so glad to read that the pump had been recovered! Wow. I hope that it will pass muster and function as it is meant too!

@ned I used to tape my name and phone number to the back of my pump and Dex. It’s still on the back of my Dex but I found a site that provides a back for my OmniPod. I’m not sure if there is something similar out there - at this company or another - for other pumps.

I like it, but yanno, I picked a light color and the blood on my fingers has stained it. I can’t get it clean for anything. The next time I order I’ll get a dark color or red. I thought if it looked different the person who found my PDM it would notice the stricking Black PDM / Yellow Battery Cover and then see further that the backing was engraved. It’s like the plastic is porous or something.

I had a scare a few years back where I had thought I lost my Dex in a large department store. At that time neither my PDM or Dex had identification; they both did very soon after that experience. Oh, the “rest of the story” was… I had tried on some clothes I had bought and forgot I had unclipped my Dex and set it on the bedroom dresser. When I realized I didn’t have it clipped to my waist, I called the store and the search was on. Of course, no one found it, that is until I got home and proceeded to set other items on my dresser and there looking back at me was dear ole Dex! Lesson learned. They now have identification!


Maybe the blood stains will add a layer of protection from stealing!! :grinning: People tend to get grossed out at blood stains. At least they do when I don’t notice I’ve left a trail of blood on light switches and what not…


I used a labeling machine to print out labels that say “MEDICAL DEVICE” with my phone number. They’re on the back of my PDM and Dex receiver. Unfortunately no room on the front, but I figure if someone steals them or finds one of them, they’ll soon be wondering what the heck it is and will take the cover off.

My PDM and Dex receiver are covered against theft or loss under “contents: personal property” as well as “contents that are temporarily away from the home, anywhere in the world.” If my insurance company had said I needed a rider, I would have challenged that.


Well it turns out that the function test from Tandem is a little underwhelming, but at the same time comforting.

We downloaded the pump, they looked at it, compared settings for us, then walked me through a cartridge change, and determined that the system appears to be working. They didn’t suggest, but I am going to give a series of three boluses of different sizes onto a dish and then give the same boluses with a syringe to try and ensure the delivery looks similar. Tandem is sending us a new cartridge, since we used one with the testing. Go Tandem customer service!

Hopefully by tonight we will back and happy, although I think I will probably be waking up a couple times tonight to see if he is alive and OK.


It turns out that it would have been fully covered by my homeowners insurance without issue. No rider needed. That is a little peace of mind. Would never have thought to call my insurance company had it not been for this.


@Tapestry, this is pretty funny: not only do we use the same back (we love it, in particular since the maker reinforced the hinges, which had broken once for us), but we also picked the same color: yellow.

We do not have the same problem as you for blood since we use a case from Tallygear:

We love that case! I plan on reviewing it soon on a separate thread.