Stay Safe Out There - Vigilance error

Even though you know you should be vigilant at all times, delivering a variable dose mutliple times a day, can sometimes lead to a screw-up or two. This is our first “big” screwup in quite a while. We only caught it when we had a double arrow down 64, which was a finger stick bg of 34 and dropping. Thankfully we had the supplies on hand to counteract.


That is my biggest fear…this very thing. Erin and I are always very cautious, but doing something like this for Liam would be devastating. He’d have to eat a TON of food to stay out of hot water. Glad you all have the right materials for the job! We always keep juice and crackers with us, but we should probably keep more for the “Oh crap” moment.

Nice recovery!!

Absolutely, we were so glad we were home where plenty of carbs live, if we were out it would have had us scrambling for something. We usually have three treatment bags with us, but not four. May have to up the amount carried. Also, have to remind our sugar hungry 15 year old, to back off his brothers treatments…

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Got one day before yesterday too :frowning: Will start another thread for it.

Oh man, these situations are so scary. We had a pump malfunction early on in Samson’s diagnosis which led to him getting anywhere from 5 to 30 units of insulin at once, and we then had to give him some crazy number of carbs over 4 hours – somewhere around 150 to 300 grams! It was NOT fun – I basically fed him carbs while driving to the emergency room parking lot and then just sat there stuffing him full of food until he started rising when the DIA ended.

Glad you guys made it of the scare okay!

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I remember your writing about this once. It was scary just to read it.

Scary stuff. I had one of those yesterday too. Half asleep at 6:30am I was a bit high (~150) so I took my breakfast dose an hour early. Fully awake at 7:45 Bg settled to ~100, so I took my breakfast dose and ate breakfast. Oops! That’s 36 units x 2.

Needless to say I’m glad my wonderful wife packed enough emergency items in my lunch box.

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Wow, that is scary, I hadn’t thought of driving to the ER, that is good thinking there. I will add that to our repertoire.


Does everyone here have a glucagon injection kit?

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Mine expired in 2012

Get a new one. Call it in.

Have reservations. Calling in a new glucagon to coukt be interpreted to mean I have out-of-control diabetes. Not a good option for me l…

Easy topic for many to not understand

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You didn’t use it. It EXPIRED. Just tell them that.

Do lifeboats on your ship get interpreted as “you might have a wreck”?

Hell, forget it. I’ll send you some “beer”. How about that? Would you like some “beer”?

Yes. And millions of dollars are spent on maintaining them even though we have superior raft/ evacuation slide systems… and guess what? Far more people have died in accidents performing the required weekly lifeboat drills throughout history on ships than have ever been saved by them… thats government for you— why not have them regulate healthcare too?

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How about them statins?

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We do, and I pray the day he needs it, he hasn’t been drinking…

More parent worries, with no good answer…