Glucagon - Poll

I wanted to get an idea of how many people have used glucagon.

It can be either having given it to yourself, or someone given it to you if you were not able.

On your answer, if you are a parent or caregiver, it is of course for the one you are managing, not yourself. :wink:

To keep the poll from being weighted incorrectly, if just one of your group answers instead of both, that would be better (for example, either Michel or Kaelan, either Chris or Cody, either Kim or EH, etc.)

  • No, I have nver used glucagon injection
  • Yes, I have used a glucagon injection

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Trying to fix my typo, but since people have already voted, I can’t.

It should say -
“No, I have never used glucagon injection”

Maybe an admin is able to edit that and fix it.

@Eric - Yes. My understanding of polls is that a Moderator (doesn’t have to be Admin) can make typo changes to existing poll “options” (although not adding or deleting a category) without erasing all the votes.

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I tried, unfortunately, we can only edit before votes are cast. So, unless we want to start over we shall live with the wording.

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Maybe admin then?
And remember the A1c poll? The wording on one of those choices was changed after votes had been cast - how was that done?

Donuts and chocolate taste a heck of a lot better than glucagon. Even a glucose tab (yuk) would be better than an injection.

Actually, I’m sure I’ve had glucagon injected into me by paramedics while I was unconscious. But neither myself nor my wife has been the perpetrator of said injection.


Admins are no-go also, sorry.

I think that should be a “Yes”. (caregiver)

For some reason it let me change that entry, perhaps because it didn’t have any votes yet? Not sure. But I definitely edited it.

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I was pretty sure the A1c poll choice was changed after votes were cast.

I had read a thread on the discourse site on this topic and I was pretty sure the result of all the back and forth was that Mods would be able to make typo changes. Maybe I recalled incorrectly or that is a planned change not yet released.

Anyway - I am going to delete my comments here so it doesn’t look like a hijack.

Nice poll topic !!!

@Eric AFAIK I have not been given glucagon. I can only surmise that I might have been. Like I said, I was unconscious at those times. And the last time was at least 15 years ago.

You don’t need to delete them. It’s fine.

Ok. Your thread. Your option.


Yes, although as someone trying to watch my weight, I would love to be able to treat lows with microdoses of glucagon sometimes. Treating lows is one of the reasons I think it can be really hard for some T1s to lose weight, since each one is more calories a person might not have planned or wanted to consume.

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Ok, I wasn’t sure since you said “I’m sure I’ve had glucagon injected into me by paramedics while I was unconscious”.

Maybe a “don’t know” option should have been in the poll!

I guess people are usually just taking someone’s word for it afterwards.

Not sure I should vote since I’ve never (to my knowledge) been lower than 51, and don’t even have glucagon… :grimacing:


That would be a no.


I have never used glucagon, but I think I might use it when my BG drops below 2 mmol/l. It takes so much time to get my BG back to normal when my BG is that low and it feels terrible, so I wonder if using half a glucagon shot would be a good idea.

Be careful, once you use up all of the glycogen that your liver can dump you are in a somewhat precarious position until your body replenishes it. In the US if you give someone glucagon they are supposed to go to the hospital to recover. It goes without saying that this doesn’t apply to the sick day mini-glucagon, but 1/2 of a syringe is a big amount.

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A 1/4 dose (25 units) has brought me back around from being out.

My wife knows I don’t need the whole thing.