Started the G6? Delete the G5 app!

I started using the G6 almost a week ago and love it (started dosing from G6 data on the 2nd day).

I kept my last G5 sensor on for the first 3-4 days using the G6 so I could compare their performance. With the G5 on the back of my left arm and the G6 on the back of my left calf, I noticed pretty quickly that the G6 picks up my BG changes sooner and with greater accuracy than the G5.

I learned something about the Dexcom apps last night the hard way. I have always kept my iPhone on Do Not Disturb at night while still receiving the necessary low alerts. At midnight last night I started getting very, very loud alerts (at the highest volume on my phone) every 5 minutes. My BG was high 160 at that time but the High Glucose alert was turned off. So the alert made no sense to me.

The alert continued and I progressively reviewed, changed or turned off every Alert and Sound settings on the Dexcom G6 app and my iPhone. But nothing stopped the #&%!# alert :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:… by 2am I was tired and very frustrated and I decided to Dexcom tech support. The rep asked me a number of questions then asked if she could put me on hold to investigate further. While on hold I figured it out -

  • Once you install the new Dexcom G6 app, DON’T keep the old Dexcom G5 app on your iPhone (not sure if this applies to Android phones as well). I kept the G5 app in case I needed to revert back to the G5. The G5 app was sending Signal Loss/ No Data Alerts every 5 minutes (even though I had it turned off) until I deleted the app from my phone.

@Millz, this was genius!

Is there anything else you noticed between the two while you had them running in parallel?

I’m on my second G6 sensor and have noticed the same results. It catches BG changes faster. I am now out of G5 senors and only using the G6.


Here are a few other G6 observations:

  • It has been more accurate than the G5 from the get go
  • I’ve had very few connection issues with my phone
  • Sensor insertion is so much easier
  • While the G6 sensor packaging is so much bigger, it does keep the sensor intact when traveling.
  • I really appreciate the lower profile of the G6 sensor/ transmitter
  • The G6 app is harder to read (especially at night): the colors are too light and the font size on the horizontal view is WAY too small.

That’s a brilliant idea! At least for a while to see how accurate it was.

I’m sorry about the alarms and thanks for sharing!