Somebody else’s dx story

This guy is a fitness coach whose stuff I have followed for several years. I had no idea he was a diabetic. I saw this pop up just now. Most relatable thing I’ve ever heard.


A few quotes that resonate to me about his diagnosis:

“I just didn’t feel right”

“I kept saw my weight going down”

It’s interesting because he keeps close track of his weight and how his body is doing, and it seems like it came on him quite suddenly.

I have a similar story, but it took me a couple of years to get the diagnosis. For me, for a while, it became the new normal. It was quite scary. Especially the brain fog. I was so relieved when I got the diabetes diagnosis.


I didn’t know how stupid I was until I got better BG management.


Thank for posting his story @Sam.

If we get the chance we should also help this influencer understand that type 2 is a complicated disease and isn’t as simple as you got it by treating your body like crap. Eating poorly does make the situation worse, but there are plenty of type 2’s that aren’t eating terribly or ignoring medical advice.