SO Happy - Managed child in Kindergarten

On the first day of school, I had intentionally been very conservative and it showed. Liam was between 200 - 250 most of the school day. I knew what changes to make and I made them that evening. Yesterday, Liam was in range (between 70 - 180) 75% of the day. Because he had a very good day on day 2, I decided not to make any changes. The Nurse is VERY nice, capable and eager to learn about Loop.

Today, here’s what happened:

I’m over the moon, ecstatic that I have such a warm, helpful and capable person managing my baby at school. I told the nurse - this is going to be hard to beat!!! She’s fantastic! I wish for all those parents out there who are nervous about their child entering Kindergarten the success that I’ve found. I stressed more over the past 3 months about him going to school and on day 3 we are seeing these kinds of numbers.

So my advice to all parents is to try and form a good relationship with the Nurse and COMMUNICATE OFTEN. The nurse and I text back and forth via the “Remind” app (school app) all day long. She inquires and tells me things and I answer and give her info.

All of these decisions, she made by herself. Before Monday, she had never seen Omniloop, but she’s a fast study and is showing that she’s already a pro!

I couldn’t be happier right now. :slight_smile:




That is such an awesome looking day! Congrats!

Can you share some of what you did?


This is so encouraging! Hoping for the same great outcome for Samson.


That’s great - I’m really happy for you and Liam!! :slight_smile:

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On day 2 I increased delivery limit by .2, increased basal rates by .05/hr and decreased his morning (before leaving home) I:c for his first meal to avoid the initial large Spike we received on day 1 after this meal.


So glad you established a connection with a really great health care provider already!! I’m sure that was a huge relief for you guys to know that Liam’s got a team ready to help.

I’m excited for you that you’re navigating the distance/freedom and schooling so awesome already! Like 100% TiR!!! That’s incredible