First Day of School with Unlimited Kids

It’s that time of year again – kids start back the school year. Mine is heading to his first day of kindergarten on Monday, and I know @ClaudnDaye’s boy had his first day today.

So, for those of you with T1D kids, how did the first day go? Any big changes from the year before?


Liam was between 200 and 250 most of the day yesterday at school. My settings were ultra-conservative. The nurse and the school were great, and Liam had a wonderful day. I made some adjustments last night, and we will test those changes today. I’m so happy we decided not to homeschool. The glow on his face from the school experience was apparent.

Liam and his brothers before school, yesterday.

Devlin (our oldest, a Senior), with Liam (a Kindergartner this year)

All - Pic 2

All - Pic 2


Love this. They all look so happy.


Looks so cool with the Apple Watch!


Oooh I missed that!

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I added them.after the initial post. :smile:

Liam is LOVING it. I’m sure Samson will too. Samson has already had exposure to other kids and a learning environment to some extent though, I believe. This is Liam’s first experience at all without Mama or me with him.

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