A weekend of diabetes firsts!

So we hit a few major milestones this weekend. After a few months of trying to get Samson to agree to put a sensor in a place that wasn’t his arm, he finally agreed to put it on his stomach. And he was a total champ about it. He says it’s comfortable and doesn’t hurt, and so far (fingers crossed) the data seems to be a little less glitchy and in and out. it’s only been a day though, so we’ll see.

AND even more exciting – Samson had his first drop-off playdate!! It turned out that his little buddy’s aunt has Type 1 Diabetes, so the family was probably a little less intimidated.Still, I bolused him for his full PB&J and left and then he only ate half, so they spent a lot of time feeding him glucose tabs, which made me feel a little bad. But he had fun, they said it wasn’t too bad (hope so, although maybe it was??) and the experience gave me a chance to think about what to do next time to make it go smoother (such as tell them what to do if he doesn’t finish his food).


These are great steps!!!

I thought the first playdate was AWESOME!

When they get older, they get to have close friends, and the friends’s parents are much more comfortable dealing with D because they have seen our children many times. They are also much more able to understand dangers and issues. Then sleepovers become more comfortable.

Btw, what, to me, makes a sleepover safest is if last dinner injection is at 5:30 or earlier…