Small win & an observation

I just got my most recent A1C test results back and it’s 5.8! This year has been really challenging for me on a lot of different fronts, so I’m really happy to have a small win.

One observation I’ve made is that my insulin requirements increased when I started accumulating more ascitic fluid over the past few months.

A week and a half ago, I had a stent put in my pancreas (and am getting another one…sometime soon?) with the intention to allow pancreatic secretions–aka digestive enzymes–to go into my small intestine where they’re supposed to go as opposed to, well, anywhere else. The hope was also that it would relieve internal pressure on my pancreas.

Since then, my insulin needs have dropped significantly and of course, since I’m still waiting on my insurer to approve my pump, trying to ensure that I don’t overdose on insulin while still giving myself enough has been, ah, interesting. Add to that a wonky Dexcom sensor and it’s been non-stop hilarity over here. Because apparently my sliver of very angry pancreas is making more insulin than it was previously. This is one of the challenges of being 3c–as long as you still have some pancreas, you have no idea how much it’s going to make at a given time.

But my A1C was 5.8 and I’m clinging to that like it’s a life raft and I’m in the middle of the ocean.

I’ve learned so much from reading all y’all’s posts and while I’m pretty quiet, I do think this is a great community and I’m very glad it’s here.


@eilatan A 5.8 A1c is no small win under any circumstances, and yours are certainly quite extreme.



Amazing result! What a great win in such a difficult year.


@eilatan Way to go!!! You def should reward yourself with some extra fancy coffee drinks!


That is a great result!! Keep it going. Yes, the type 3c, is like being in a perpetual honeymoon phase of type 1. It has a few small benefits, but unfortunately, predictability isn’t one of them. We remember that time not so fondly.


@eilatan, what a great result!


Congratulations. I too had a small win. My last A1C was 6.6 and the one before that was 6.7. Those are by far the lowest numbers I have had since they invented A1C tests!
I’ve been a T1 for 50 years😱


Awesome A1c @eilatan! Victories no matter how small or large are still victories. :grinning:


If that is your lowest numbers since A1c tests were invented, it immediately qualifies as a BIG WIN.