Seal oil to treat neuropathy?

A new (small) study suggests you can treat neuropathy and promote nerve regeneration with seal oil. Anybody ever heard of this stuff??


The research for initial stage stuff looks promising. sarc/ Should we pool our money and buy a seal farm? I recommend not investing in the cute ones however, we need an ugly seal farm. /sarc

I can get you seals

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Sam, do you go seal hunting? That won’t get you a lot of dates with the women from Greenpeace.

Reminds me of the time I took a vegan girl to a Brazilian steak house on a first date! :open_mouth:

That must have changed her life forever.

I also make a great tuna casserole (the not dolphin free kind)

I’m just waiting for Tia to plant the “hijacked” :hijacked: flag!

Nice study. I think Eureka Alert totally missed the gist of the article. The point is that Omega-3 oils may help regenerate corneal nerve fibers:

The study found that patients who ingested an omega-3 supplement derived from seal oil twice a day over a 12-month period reported an increase in corneal nerve fibre length. The paper entitled The effects of omega-3 supplementation on neuropathy in type 1 diabetes was published in the June, 2017 issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Even the original paper does not mention seal oil in its title. But the findings are interesting, although preliminary. If I had neuropathy, I might consider taking some more Omega-3s just in case. Although, as a warning, I have done something like that numerous times, only to find a couple of years later that further research shows no effect. With supplements I am like @Thomas, a skeptic (@Thomas, are you picking your handle as a reference to the great Thomas Aquinas, patron of skeptics?)

Did you notice, btw, that the study was funded by a grant from ASHA, the Alaskan Seal Hunters Association?
(jk… :grin:)

I was taught since a little grasshopper that true science is about asking questions and not believing just because somebody says so.

Then as an adult I was involved in more fraud investigations then most people would ever even read about in their lifetime.

End result is what it is.




OMG, @Bradford, that was hilarious! How do you find these things?

He is apparently a connoisseur of terribly good movies that’s all.

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