This Diabetic Sees Things Differently

Hey I scour the internet world wide and post great ground breaking stuff on Facebook. Useful Scientific backed stuff you probably won’t hear anywhere else… Like there is a scientist reversing type 1 diabetes with an old TB vaccine because it revamps the T1 cells… great stuff… like what to do and try when you first become diabetic… one of my first posts on there about allergies and getting back into balance… check it out…
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This Diabetic Sees Things Differently

So I went to your page because I have Type 1 diabetes and severe food and other allergies and was interested in what you posted about diabetes and allergies.

As I suspected, it linked to a page that is definitely not scientifically based (same as many other links on your page).

The link leads to a site called SelfHacked, which seems to be written by an individual, and the title is “How to Cure Autoimmune Diseases and Allergies With Oral Tolerance.” That alone should set off alarm bells that this is not scientific.

I didn’t have the time nor desire to read much of the article, but part of what I read is this:

"Ingest a very small dosage of the allergen and keep working up. If you have a reaction you’ve taken too much. Alternatively, you can take a high dosage if you’re not in danger of anaphylactic shock. "

That is extremely dangerous and absolutely not scientific advice. These types of sites are written by people who spew out scientific-sounding nonsense and often take a single study as “proof” that something works a certain way. These people don’t even understand the fundamentals of how science works.


Get ready to be told you’re a big pharma shill hiding the truth lol

Look there is a lot of useful info. here the study I was talking about …google …

FAUSTMANLAB dot ORG type 1 diabetes MCB

I tend not to post the actual scientific reports because people… like yourself will not take the time to read them. and yes ORAL TOLERANCE has been used for allergies with great success
here is one of many MANY MANY studies on that you can look yourself on
PUB MED ( as a new user i can’t put a link in a post so here pub med end

problem… these studies cost a lot of money… and easy fixes are not given money… so you keep looking and reading and lo and behold some of this stuff is genius

I do stand by my boiling of fresh fig leaves and drinking the tea for straightening out my sugar level. Give it a try. No one is trying to fool anyone… just help.
Hope you find the healing you are looking for! I do believe the body out of balance creates all of this… again thats just MY belief.

FAUSTMANLAB dot ORG BCG type 1 sorry typo

That was quite the assumption.


And one starts to understand the reasoning behind such restrictions.


I’m well aware of Faustman as are many on this forum. She hasn’t cured diabetes unfortunately and isn’t likely to, though her research is interesting. You lost me when you used the word “healing”. When you’ve found a way to regenerate beta cells and to stop the immune system from destroying them, let me know. I’ve always preferred coffee to tea, sorry. Coffee has magical healing properties, it turns me into a pleasant person every morning but a person who still needs insulin instead of magic potions to keep blood sugars regulated.


Oh, I see what your game is now!



I didn’t say I wouldn’t read it, I said I didn’t have time (nor any particular desire) to read it.

Oral immunotherapy has been used and shows promise, but there is a reason it’s still experimental - scientists are trying to determine optimal doses, timing, monitoring, and other factors. The process does not come without risks, and people have gone into anaphylaxis even under this close medical supervision. Telling people to willy-nilly go out and eat an allergen and if you have a reaction you’ve eaten too much (by which point you could be in anaphylaxis), or that you can increase to large doses if you have never gone into anaphylactic shock (a majority of fatal and near-fatal anaphylactic reactions occur in people who have previously only had mild reactions) is completely irresponsible and seriously ethically questionable.

Unfortunately, science is a slow process. There are no quick fixes. Yeah, it can get frustrating waiting at times - shockingly, even for the researchers who are doing all the tedious work! But anything that bypasses the scientific method to offer “quick fixes” is not science. Support whatever you want to support, just don’t pretend it’s science or scientific when it’s not.


For a serious technical evaluation of Dr. Faustmann’s work, you may wish to have a look at Current Research into Cures for Type-1 Diabetes: Dr. Faustman Publishes Follow On BCG Data From Phase-I Trial
or more generally, Current Research into Cures for Type-1 Diabetes: Faustman It’s been mentioned on this site several times before, for instance Dr. Faustman Publishes Follow On BCG Data From Phase-I Trial - #2 by TiaG

This line of work appears to be not nearly as promising as one would wish, and I think you may have been tricked into jumping to an unwarranted conclusion.


My son was denied entrance into a milk challenge done inside of Johns Hopkins for this very reason. They decided, even under supervision and with minimal exposure, the risk was too great. I have no idea how someone suggests to people to try some allergen and if they react, they’ve gone too far. We also know a family who relies more on cactus juice than insulin to treat their son’s diabetes. It’s THEIR belief that the cactus juice will help his blood sugar, but at an a1c of a 14, it doesn’t look like it has. This is negligence, and this is dangerous. People don’t need fast fixes, you’re right. They need to be given good information and taught real skills. There’s plenty of opportunity for all of us diabetics to have good control, but it’s accomplished through learning the disease and learning the treatments. There are no shortcuts in that part of the process.


It does. And gives you superpowers past cup 4.


OMG - you are killing me…




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It is one thing to suggest natural or alternative type treatments for mild conditions that don’t typically need medical intervention. It’s another entirely to suggest it for potentially life-threatening conditions like food allergies and Type 1 diabetes.

I am totally willing to read and discuss scientific reports. But what I don’t enjoy is “discussing” these things with people who have no interest in true discussion. Especially when it’s dealing with conditions where the consequences are serious harm or death.

I read the study you indicated, and I did not find a single mention of doing oral food challenges or oral immunotherapy at home and dosing random amounts of allergens being safe. In fact, I could use several quotes from the article to support the fact that oral immunotherapy requires careful diagnosis, selection of candidates, precise dosing, close medical monitoring, and extreme care, and that even with all of that it’s not always successful.



My allergist has told me to avoid even touching potatoes. And to be very, very careful with milk as well, and more.

And it doesn’t take a previously-diagnosed serious allergy for people to experience a severe reaction. Allergies can go from mild to life-threatening with no warning.


And as a reader of “actual scientific reports” myself, when we go beyond a quick and convenient summary of the one thing we WANTED to get from it, we tend to want to provide the reports to others in order to HAVE that discussion. If someone wants to discuss something like this with me, I’m going to need that report. Even with people I know and trust, I wouldn’t be able to accept their analysis as my own… without reading it on my own. Generally I think it’s just a red flag when people want to talk about the “actual scientific reports” they’ve read without encouraging others to read them.

Anyway, when I’m faking stuff that’s what I do. :smiley: But I might be projecting…

Yes, cucumber slices for rosacea… no harm in that. Not milk to overcome your milk allergy. This kind of nonsense would kill my son. It’s like telling an asthmatic they can “mind over matter” their asthma attack.

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She wrote that she did’t read it… Wow this is a tough place.

Then you read the wrong study. PUB MED ORAL TOLERANCE for food allergies… look it up and you will find many. I am not being light with a serious situation. Obviously everyones situation is a little different… and if a reversal of an allergy requires doctor supervision… I would do it for the opportunity of being free of it. I keep searching for info to help my personal issues. My doctor told me I could never get rid of my Hashimotos. Well it took me three years but with “non scientific” food restriction and homeopathic practices I don’t have it anymore. And you know what ended up pushing my numbers that were almost normal to normal. Drinking 16 oz of celery juice in the am plain before any food. Something as simple as that and I struggled to find that for over 9 months where my numbers were hovering near normal but not quite. My blood work is normal, because I brought my body back into balance. Maybe we can do that with diabetes too. Look at Dr. Terry Wahls who was in a wheel chair with MS and what she achieved. Or Dr. Bredesen with Alzheimers. Everyone here is so closed minded and the Mind and Perspective are part of the solution. If you think you can or you can’t you are right. And my nephew is highly allergic to peanuts so I’m very aware of the life and death situation. No disrespect or light attitude here. God Bless