This Diabetic Sees Things Differently



And i say all of this because of the Uppsala University in Sweden that found that nearly half of patients who had been living with type 1 diabetes for more than 10 years produced some insulin


Im just a half cup full… coffee or tea… look at Uppsala University in Sweden results for beta cells and type 1


Thanks for the Laugh Eric… i’m just getting beat up here… but its ok… I just pick em from my tree outside… they are very easy to grow… and where i live we have pretty bad winters.


no one told you to go willy nilly and eat an allergen… I’m confused


thx looking into that right now… the studies i’ve read with the lowering of the HgA1c is promise enough for me… I’ll take that… hoping what you’ve sent i’ve not seen…


i agree


If you mean balancing insulin with carbs, yes, that’s what we are all striving to do. Unfortunately despite the best technology it’s very hard. More unfortunately, I think you are talking about some sort of homeopathic body out of balance disease quackery I don’t have time for.


Wow bkh… thanks for that Levy is blog is eye opening… and a little crushing… ok a lot crushing of my hope… but THANK YOU SO MUCH for that link… i’ll be following him!


blood work normal for my hashimotos… which is a hypothyroid disease that according to doctors is irreversible…and you must be on medication forever… nothing to do with diabetes





@ckat , I think you will find that this site is quite a helpful and open place. However, our membership is skewed towards science loving people including a large number of actual scientists. Because of this, our group tends to love to discuss research papers and you will find a good number of discussions about these.

As you can imagine, we also get bombarded regularly by the diabetes charlatans. Our members have a pretty close to zero patience for these. Because you posted a link before everyone got to know you, and some of the info on the link isn’t exactly scientific, you got lumped in with the group of people that appear to be shilling something.

If you stay around, I think you will find a welcome place here.


Thx Chris. Nice to know the founder is human



It is well known that certain plants can have an effect in some milder cases of T2 diabetes. And NO effect in T1.

If you have T1 and stop taking insulin, drink some tea and get back to me in six months.


Which isn’t actually medical advice… not for anyone who wants to live. Yeah?? Or maybe you guys don’t get as nervous about the whole medical advice thing around here??

You know, I have a couple of people in my group who have talked about doing a starvation diet and not having to do insulin… This can’t be for any type 1 diabetic, right?? I could not survive without insulin even if I didn’t eat anything at all… or even if I drank tea. :grin:


There are actually quite a few humans around here. And they’re tackling diabetes management every possible way under the sun. These people actually are the most open-minded and most willing bunch of people you’ll ever meet… and the most knowledgeable. There’s magic in what they do around here, but they’re doing it with insulin. If you are interested in seeing true miracles, then look around. There’s a lot of people in here making miracles happen by putting in work. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve done 5 day wAter fast. And am type 1. The amount of insulin I needed were minuscule. Meaning 1 unit of novolin N. I worked out found increased energy oddly.


U are right. But a lot of people in the world don’t have the resources we do. And they don’t have insulin at their disposal which I find very interesting… looking at these studies. Mayb there is something that would make management more even and less difficult…with the use of insulin obviously


I’m still not sure how this is possible. I have seen my numbers climb to very scary heights in the absence of insulin. In fact, I once asked this group their thoughts on the subject as I had a member tell someone else they would be fine without insulin for 14 hours. I absolutely would not be. I do exercise, and I am very active throughout the day. If I maximized exercise and remained as active as possible for as long as possible, it would help keep that rise at bay, but as soon as I sat down, I’d be overwhelmed by it. It wouldn’t take too long for me to become too sick to exercise again. I just don’t believe it that an insulin-dependent diabetic like myself could replace insulin with another substance. I agree there are people throughout the world without access to insulin, and that is absolutely a tragedy, but the lack of access doesn’t change the physiological necessity. It just means they are sicker. It’s a terrible thing, truly, but it doesn’t make homeopathic cures any more than what they are. My endocrinologist used to say “water is the poor man’s insulin”, and he was right that it helped the process, but he never meant it to replace insulin. He would’ve laughed at that.