This Diabetic Sees Things Differently



And my sugar levels go up when I exercise. My liver dumps stored glucose Every time. I still have hope that somewhere there is a balance that can be found …


Did u read about the type 1 in the Uk who no longer has diabetes. His body spontaneously healed him. Was a long distance runner. They chocked it up to dna and a second reboot on his immune system. But if one human body can do that… hope…


I felt that way about my crashes during exercise. Then I came here and have learned how to handle it. I felt that way about how “brittle” I was… my blood sugar was crazy, and I’d experience crazy swings… and now I’m here learning how to handle it. It’s not that I don’t have these tendencies, it’s that there’s a real way to handle it.


Hope … and start investing in running shoe companies! :smile:


This is just me, but I don’t really get too into these kind of stories. I’d be happy to look him up and see what the story is, but even if someone’s diabetes was reversed, it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me. Again, it’s the people who are living with the disease, controlling the disease, figuring out their numbers… those are the stories that interest me. Those are the things that are real. There’s not enough time in the day for everything, so I’m going to put my time into the tried and true.

I had an a1c of 16.5 at one time. I currently have a 5.9. This place is teaching me everything I need… but it’s science based and numbers based. It’s knowledge and some hard work that are making the difference.


Wow!!! Impressive. Good for you. Yes it’s definitely a burden.


Lol. Daniel Darkes is his name


Try the fig leaves. If u don’t have. I’ll mail u some


Insulin starvation is a great way to go into DKA. Regardless of your glucose control. If I were you I wouldn’t push my luck. Unless you are not totally insulin deficient.


I am completely insulin dependent. Been so for 30 yrs. I watch to make sure I don’t go into keto acidosis


Some type 1 diabetics still maintain very minimal insulin production. Others don’t.

Have you had a c-peptide test done?


Not nearly as much a burden as it was when I wasted a lot of time with resentment, anger, and, no offense, but hope. Those things tend to leave you no better off. All of the stuff going on in here is what’s lifted that weight.

I really do hope you hang around and see what I’m talking about. Maybe if you can learn how manageable and not burdensome your disease is, you also won’t need to search for miracles.


No. But I will.


I manage my diabetes extremely well luckily. But I will hang around and learn! And I will always search for hope. It’s in my dna


Make a wish in one hand and take a cr*p in the other, and see which hand gets filled first.

There is no magic bullet. You can only work hard to acheive homeostasis with yourself. Please do not try to convince others to take your dangerous course.


Umm no one said there was? And I’m not telling anyone to do anything that would jeopardize them. U drink tea? That’s all I suggested. And I mentioned I had success with treating hashimotos w certain diet restrictions and homeopathic stuff none of which I divulged so I’m not sure what ur referring to. Unless it was the article. Which was just for reading pleasure. Nothing more.


What dangerous course!?


Perfectly said!

I went from someone who never in a million years have thought I would be able to maintain a flatline or get an A1c in the 5% range to someone who can (if I do everything right!) get a 24 hour flatline and has had an A1c a hair’s breadth away from the 5% range. All thanks to sites like this one.

Maybe a cure will come, maybe one won’t. I don’t pay much attention anymore. While we’re waiting around to see what happens, I’m going to be out there learning how to best manage my disease(s) so I can fully live my life, accomplish my goals, and enjoy the process. To me, that is balance.


YES! We are warriors


Like drinking something to cure Hashimoto’s (which is incurable and often ends in retrofitting like I had). Or a five day water fast with no ill effects. Or homeopathic “cures” that most often don’t work.

My Aunt took laetril years ago for