Nuretin (DHA and EPA softgel supplements for possibly (?) lowering risk of retinopathy)

At my most recent appointment with my ophthalmologist, she recommended I start taking Nuretin for lowering my risk of developing retinopathy. I didn’t see any FUD threads on it, so I figured I’d start one.

As she’d explained it (and as I understood her argument), the majority of diabetics don’t eat enough foods with omega 3’s and don’t digest/absorb them optimally.

From a JAMA Opthalmology paper:

In middle-aged and older individuals with type 2 diabetes, intake of at least 500 mg/d of dietary LCω3PUFA, easily achievable with 2 weekly servings of oily fish, is associated with a decreased risk of sight-threatening DR. Our results concur with findings from experimental models and the current model of DR pathogenesis.

Of course, this patient population doesn’t necessarily apply to me (as I’m not middle-aged nor Type 2), but promising results from a credible source (IMO, but please disagree!)

Now, that study supports the idea that omega-3s can be helpful for retinal health.

Information found from the Nuretin brochures I was given: PRN therapeutics argues that the use of Nuretin (a re-esterified omega-3 FA (EPA and DHA marine oil)) is safer than eating fish to gain omega-3 FAs because the supplements are “highly purified” … with a “NSF certified manufacturing process” that removes toxins commonly found in fish (AKA mercury.) PRN also argues that nuretin is more effective than taking other omega-3 supplements (as well as flaxseed) because nuretin is 3x more absorbable (triglyceride/rTG form) than store-bought omega 3 supplements (ester/unpurified form of omega 3 FA) and than flaxseed (plant source of omega-3s (ALA, not very absorbable)); they cited this study for their bioavailability/absorption claims

Anyways, that’s the argument I was given for nuretin. IMO it seems theoretically nice but also based on data that’s been kinda pieced together shakily. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions

Other papers I’d found:
In an early stage of DR, supplementation with high-dose DHA plus xanthophyll carotenoid multivitamin during 90 days was associated with a progressive and significant improvement of macular function measured by microperimetry.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protect Eyes Against Retinopathy, Study Finds

~apparently there’s a publication in Retina on nuretin specifically but I can’t find it and gtg but will revisit this as there’s a decent amount out there on FAs and DR/retinal health


I had a great link for you @LarissaW until I realized you were talking about Nuretin and not Nuerontin. Guess I should pay more attention when I read, lol.

Ah, dang. Feel free to message me it anyways :nerd_face:

I just wanted to jump in on Nuretin and retinopathy post. I help run a facebook group called DIY Retinopathy Solutions because I myself, have been type 1 for 30 years and developed retinopathy about 5 years ago. I have required a few (maybe once a year) injections for early proliferative in my right eye instead of using laser treatments. During the early diagnosis, my fear led me to research lots of new things and new research. One was a novel idea back in 2013, which was picking injections over laser for proliferative disease. The other one was a new mask that you wear at night called the Noctura 400 - based in England. I actually flew there to get my mask. The mask works by causing the eyes to not dark adapt during sleep; thereby reducing the oxygen demand that the rods require so heavily overnight.

Last year, I stumbled upon the Nuretin release and ordered the supplements. I have been using Nuretin for about a year. So far at each 3-4 month eye appointment, I have no need for treatment and my eyes look stable. I should add that I also have tight control, with low carb and have been so for a few years now. But, out of all my various treatments, Noctura 400, Nuretin, Low Carb and Normal glucose control, moderate exercise, vitamin D, Pycnogenol, Coq10, I have been leery of changing or removing anything - because its working! LOL

Just wanted to share. Thanks

btw, i do think that reducing inflammation is huge with the eyes, and so the high DHA EPA ratio - does accomplish that. The exact studies and science is not super documented so I kinda wish there was some very hard evidence. But, all in all, I don’t see how Nuretin could hurt the eyes in any way.