Samsung Watch4 wth Dexcom, hybrid WearOS

Hi, looking at the new Samsung watch 4. previously Samsung watches had their own OS that wasn’t supported by Dexcom.
These new ones have a Wear OS, with Samsung “modifications” (?).
Has anyone tried it??
I used a TicWatch for a couple years, then the Dexcom watch face went away… very frustrating.

Any guidance here?


The previous model Samsung watches had an operating system called Tizen, and the 4 has an android based system. There are two ways to get Dexcom readings on your watch. The first uses an app called Tasker. You have to buy the app and download the script from FreDiabetes GitHub site, then follow instructions. It is described in this thread:
Xdrip+ - Watchfaces/ BG-Values on your Tizen OS Smartwatch (all samsung smartwatches) and on your Android Wear OS watch
It is simpler than it sounds.
The second method, he refers to allows you to either download one of his designs, or make your own to suit your needs. It is all graphical. Here are three watch faces I created using the method he described, but I added color ranges to BG values (again using his programing).



Mikey 417, thank you.

I’l trust you that it’s easier than it looks.
What happened to the original Dexcom watchface and the always-on on the home page of the phone, with a 3 hour tracing? I use a Samsung phone as my monitor, and it just disappeared last year wth an “update”.

Unless there is an alert, I have to scroll down from the top and select Dexcom to see it.
Steps backwards IMO.

Thanks again for the thread and encouragement.


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So, it sounds like on your phone you were running an app called Wearable Widgets. You set up the app to show your Dex reading on your lock screen. Likewise you can set it up to be on your watch on a separate screen. To do this you need to get the watch version. Not sure what update (phone or watch) caused the issue.

For the lock screen there are several options available. xDrip+ also allows you to post your readings on the lock screen.



Thanks, Mike.
Happy new year!

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HI again

I am considering an LTE watch instead of a bluetooth version.
Any advantage/flaw with that idea if i am using it to get Dexcom signals?

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Frankly, I don’t know that LTE would be any advantage at all. The LTE watch still has BT. The LTE watch would allow you to make and receive calls using just your watch, it does not enable you to use it to receive or view Dexcom data. There may be a way to use your watch as a Dexcom receiver, but I do not know how, and I don’t see a way to transfer the readings to your phone/computer.
The Dexcom information I get on my watch mirrors the information on my phone, not directly from the transmitter. I have noticed that using the watch faces I designed that combining it with the wearable widget it is faster updating readings.
If you PM me, we can set up a time to talk and discuss.

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Yea, i think it will only confuse and limit me.

I thought I could use it as a receiver- but if I do- I can’t use my phone as a receiver. I found this out when I got a new phone last week, and while my old phone was still paired to the current sensor, i couldn’t pair it to my new one.
Light bulb went off that maybe this wasn’t going to work with a watch.

I got such a good deal on it at Verizon ($175), I’m tempted to just use it as a BT device. The BT only one was on sale for $205. 100gb/month is $3.

Thanks for your thoughts, Mike, it helped me think this through.

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That is a good deal. I think you can only pair two devices/apps at once. I’m on Medicare, and they insist on use of a Dex receiver. But I can run the Dex app on my phone as a second device. When I tried to also link xDrip I couldn’t, it constituted another device even on the same phone.

If you need any help getting things set up let me know.


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Here are some links that I recently found:

1.1 Apps & Settings (EN) · FreDiabetics/xDrip–Tasker-Tizen-Watchface-Integration Wiki · GitHub

How to pair Dexcom G6 with Samsung Galaxy watch?

GitHub - FreDiabetics/xDrip–Tasker-Tizen-Watchface-Integration: Tasker - Watchmaker Project to grab glucose values from xDrip+ local api and send them to a Watchmaker Watchface. Basically idea is for Tizen OS (Samsung) Smartwatches. Works also on a Wear OS Smartwatch

My watch faces are all derived from FreDiabetes watch faces, which are free.


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I’ve been using a Samsung Watch 4 for a few months now.

The best mode I’ve found is the combination of Xdrip+ to receive the readings from my Dexcom G6 on my Pixel 5A, Wearable Widgets, and the Pixel Minimal Watchface. I get about 2 days of battery life on the watch (if I don’t use the GPS for anything) with this setup. When I originally had Xdrip+ installed directly on the watch to provide the complication I got about half that.

I set up Wearable Widgets on my phone to use the Xdrip+ widget, then on my watch, I set up the Pixel Minimal Watchface to use the Wearable Widget as one of the watch face complications.


You can also add the Wearable Widget as a tile on your watch if you want a larger display, but I find it easier to just pull out my phone if I want that.


If you want the Dexcom watch face, I followed these instructions and it worked. Pretty easy.

I did see this and it worked, for a day. Then my phone stopped connecting to the transmitter. But the pump did too!
Dexcom thinks my transmitter is the problem.
It’s been 24 hours of guessing.

Still working it out!

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