Hi all,

I use Runkeeper to track activities (runs, bike rides, walks, hikes). I would be interested in “following” you guys and “sharing” my activities to provide encouragement and such. It’s free for iOS and Android.

I thought I would start photographing my CGM at the end of the run to see how I did with pre-run, during-run, and post-run blood sugar management. It is probably best to keep ‘real’ discussions here on the forum.

Send me a Private Message and I’ll send you the info you would need to connect on Runkeeper!

NOTE: I think Runkeeper shares a rather creepy amount of data (we’d have to exchange contact info, home address can be inferred from the maps, and even health info like calories burned might be shared… not sure). If you aren’t comfortable sharing that info I completely understand.

Sent you a PM.

I’m a Strava type person