Restarting G6 sensors and transmitter

I’ll let Doc give you the real answer since I haven’t done it yet, but I think the answer is that the statement that Xdrip+ will reset the transmitter is indeed false - instead Xdrip+ will just continue to use an expired transmitter after it has timed out.

I don’t see why you can’t use Xdrip+ though. You said you installed it on your phone, but that your Android phone is not able to interface with your G6. Why is that? I am running on an old phone (Moto E 2nd generation) with an old version of Android (5.1), and it runs fine. If it won’t run on your phone, you should be able to get a crappy old phone like mine for really cheap on ebay.


@Vashon @jag1 is right. The stopping of the transmitter is built into the Dexcom receiver and Dexcom app. XDrip+ does not have the “stop” software, so the transmitter does not know it should stop. Hence, you just keep using the transmitter u.til the battery really dies with xDrip+, not when Dexcom tells you to stop using that transmitter. No “restarting” is needed-- it just keeps going.

I used a G5 transmitter for almost 200 days, twice as long as Dexcom says it should last. Using xDrip+ it just keeps going.

Also, if you set up xDrip+ correctly on your phone, it will work with your G6.


We just tried this method last night. Worked great. No problems.
The only deviation we made from the directions as provided above by @Jattzl was we initiated the stop session (on the original session) about 4 or 5 hours prior to when the session was scheduled to hit the 10-day limit and stop by itself.

Immediately upon receiving G6 cgm data after the 2-hr warm-up from the restart, we checked the cgm data against a meter (Contour Next One) and it was right on.

Typically we only get 8~9 days from a sensor so this is turning into a longer sensor life than typical for us. This is now day #11 on the G6 sensor although the data is getting shaky so we will probably cut it off soon and go with a new sensor.

In any event, it was a good opportunity to try out the new G6 Sensor restart process.

Thanks @Jattzl !!!


I"m still curious what a failing sensor looks like. If you could post a pic of the results you’re getting when you decide to pull the plug, I would appreciate it.


The issue is that you have to screen snap the data on the phone app because once it gets loaded into clarity the data doesn’t look the same.

What happens to us is when we have a failing sensor is the data gets cloudy. i.e. when in the past there was a very tight range and the line made sense, you will get a bigger range of values, the trend will still be there, but the line gets “cloudy” for lack of a better term.

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I’m glad you had success with this process. I am on day 16!

I also did a meter test as it restarted and it was right on and still is.

I also go until it gets wonky and then replace it with a new sensor.

Good to know, thank you!. There are times I need to stop it early and wasn’t sure if it would work.

Also, I hope this was the correct thread for my original post. It seems to be focused mostly on the x drip???


If I’m not mistaken , I think @Thomas uses a Tandem Tslim X2 as I do. So we have a graph on the Dexcom iPhone app and our pump screen.

I would describe this as periodically missing one or two readings or a sudden small jump when it has been a steady line. I can post a pic when it happens if that would help. But, as I said, it looks like most people on this thread are using xdrip and my post was for restarting sensors with the Dexcom app on iPhone and a tslim X2. I have no experience and don’t even know what xdrip is. I assumed it is for android phones.

Maybe I posted the restart process on the wrong thread??


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So I usually change sensors every 20 days just because. Maybe to let my arm breathe haha I don’t know. But tomorrow is day 20. And it is still so stinkin accurate. I’m sorry for the people who struggle with sensor failure. I feel very fortunate. The thing gets even more accurate the longer I wear it :woman_shrugging:t3:


We just got slightly over 12 days on our last G6 sensor. The last two days, the data was cutting in and out. We would be about ready to swap it out but then it would be reading great so left it in. Finally decided tonight we got long enough. lol. Pulled it.

Even though the data was cutting in and out, it was still accurate when it was reading. But with all the fingersticks to check it, there really was very little point in keeping it in. Even if it is accurate once I lose trust in the sensor then it is what it is.

Still - 12 days is good for us.


I think @docslotnick’s screenshot makes it clear what really shaky, wonky data looks like. I don’t let mine go that far. When I suddenly get more than one reading that jumps up or down and then back to the normal line I just pull the sensor. I calibrate my G6 every day now, since once after not calibrating for several days I got a 60 point difference (Dexcom 174, finger sticks 104 and 106) and another time a 30 point difference. The sensor was producing consistent data and did not need replacing. And my Sony watch is running 99 to 100% capture ratios. After rejecting the calibration for the 60 point difference the system relented and accepted it about ten minutes later. After that it functioned normally. My other calibration checks have come out so close to the Dexcom that sometimes I don’t even bother entering them. I am using the Abbott Freestyle Freedom Lite meter that Consumer Reports rates as the most accurate and repeatable of the ones they tested.

It’s an awesome system now, but you still can’t just let it go. I am doing two strips for every calibration, since with a system this accurate the accuracy of the calibrations seems more important. My current G6 is on its second session after reset by xDrip+, still accurate. But I am watching it very closely.


I do the same. Once I get a couple wonky readings I change it. You nailed it. It is a trust thing and I do the same. If it’s off and I feel the need to check it then it’s defeating it’s propose at that point. The one I spoke of above kept it’s accuracy right up to 27 days then I got two odd jumps and I changed it. I’m happy for your 12 days though Thomas! I know you’ve struggled with dying sensors.

I rarely need to calibrate. When I do I also use 2 finger sticks. I had to calibrate the one I just started on the first day. It wasn’t off 30% but I’m used to it being very close taking in lag time. By the next morning it was back to being very accurate and has been so since.


I extended it, @Thomas and @Jattzl! It was harrowing, but we’re through. :ok_hand:

I’ve been finding I’m wanting to calibrate about 12-18 hours in. I try to give it at least the first 12 hours to see if it’ll settle down, but when I see it’s just keeping steady at too big a discrepancy, I calibrate. I’ve been very happy with that and basically don’t need to do it again.

And I extended… I told you that, right? :grin:


Just tried this and it worked!!! Thank you!!!

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So, I’m brand new to cgm and a tandem x2 pump. For a short time I am paying out of pocket for the cgm until my new insurance starts so I’m wanting to do restarts. I had the dexcom app on my android and tried a restart before my 1st sensor expired. I was unsuccessful and I really didn’t like the app anyway (too many urgent low alarms screeching at me at work!) I’m now due to restart my 2nd sensor this evening and could use some help. I downloaded the xdrip+ app and selected g6, preemptive restarts and restart sensor. It’s now on warm-up nd my pump wants a calibration. Do I now wait 2 hours? Will I need to enter a calibration or will it just start displaying readings after the warm-up? Do I need to re-enter the sensor code at some point? I’m not the most technologically savvy person so I guess I’m easily confused here, much to my dismay! Any advice/assistance is appreciated greatly!!

Update- xdrip asked for calibration. I entered it and started getting readings on my pump. Xdrip keeps asking for calibrations and so far I’ve done 6 and it’s still asking for them!?! I don’t know if the sensor is reset or still running on the original 10 days which were/are set to expire in 7 hours.

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We aren’t doing restarts, so I don’t know the answer to your question, however the fact that your pump is seeing the data is a good sign. Do you have both the Dexcom App and Xdrip on the same device, if so, I think you need to delete the Dexcom App. My son only uses his pump, although he does use the dexcom app so we can follow, so I understand how important this might be.

Btw - Welcome to our community, glad you are posting.

I had the dexcom app but deleted it. I’m concerned about whether the sensor reset for another 10 days since it still had time left on the first 10 day cycle.