Reminder for those Omniloopers out there

We’re fast coming upon the deadline for the conversion (I think it’s the first part of Nov) from mLab to Atlas for the backend Database for NS users. Not doing the conversion will result in your NS no longer working. mLab/Mongo is going away and Atlas is the new DB framework that will support NS.

If you aren’t interested in keeping your NS/Mongo data this is the fast method of getting it done:

The longer process can be found on the Looped forum if keeping NS data is something that is important for you.

Also, there is a new issue where we need to delete our provisioning profiles within Xcode and recompile/rebuild the code. Info about this can find in the Looped group as well.

See step 4 of updating loop in loopdocs

NOT doing these two things will most certainly mean your loop will crash and burn sometime in the not too distant future.


Thanks for the update information. I have not run Loop in a while, since I mostly would only use it when my wife was away traveling.

I will have to start over with everything anyway since my old build has expired. So I will probably start from the beginning.

Thanks for the info!


Thanks, @ClaudnDaye, for the both notifications. I’ve migrated my NS to Atlas already and also updated my NS site to latest version, and thank goodness all is working well.

I haven’t updated in my Loop build in a few weeks, but you are right, better to do it now then wait!! :slight_smile:


ours is hosted through heroku – is that a different thing? WE set up NS ages ago so I have no memory of what we did at the time.

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If your Loop Nightscout data depends on the Mongo/mLab backend database framework then it is being switched to Atlas. The video link above is very easy to follow and takes only 10 - 15 minutes. That link is ONLY if you don’t care about your DB history (which we didn’t…we never use it.) If you care about keeping the old NS data the process is longer and I didn’t link that there but you can find it in the Looped group.

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