ReliOn Premier Blu Will Not Pair

I have tried repeatedly to get my Premier Blu meter to pair with the ReliOn app on my iPhone. Nothing… All my other Bluetooth devices work just fine, speaker, remote camera shutter. When I get to the Pl n “pair”, nothing happens when I hit the pair my meter buttons in the ReliOn app, just get the full screen saying it won’t pair.

Very frustrating. Any tips and I will try it again.

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Hopefully @ReliOnAM is still around and checks the site from time to time. He may have an answer.

I am so sorry for the late response. Typically it shows up in my email that I was tagged.

@jdrad, Did you try calling customer service? There have been some connectivity issues and they are the people to trouble shoot and resolve this problem.

ReliOn Customer Service - 855-776-0662

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A couple of common issues:
-It will not connect to iPads
-Location has to be ‘ON’ on the iPhone

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I don’t have the app listed as a location on my phone. Why could that be happening?

@Teemarie On a lot of phones Bluetooth connectivity depends on location being enabled.

I tried to set up my father in laws glucometer on my phone. I did something wrong but can’t correct it so I tried to start over. Since I already entered the serial number it won’t allow me to continue. What to do?

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Have you contacted Customer Support?
ReliOn Customer Service - 855-776-0662

In the app it tells you to call customer service at 866 776 0662. It’s a fax machine that screams at you.