Relion Meter Uploads

Anyone know if Relion has a new site for uploading meter readings and if the Blu meters work with it?

I was uploading to the site until it stopped working last month. I found out that I can continue uploading my Relion Prime readings to Diasend.

With the new Blu meters that just came out I was wondering if they still support uploading, have a new site for it, and still work with the old data cables.

Adding bluetooth is all well and good but I still need to use a meter without bluetooth because I can’t bring a cell phone or any bluetooth devices into work with me to check during the day. Having a bluetooth meter at home would be nice but I still need a way to check my blood sugar without a cell phone and combine the bluetooth readings with my offline readings stored in memory.

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havent found the relion premier blu app very good. just bought this month. Manually taking off of the meter and putting on google keep and sending to doctor.

@carrddapex I found this in an online version of the Walmart Relion Blu meter User’s Manual which was found on the Walmart website…

On page 42 of the manual " Test results stored in ReliOn™ Premier BLU Blood Glucose Meter can be transferred from the meter to a computer using the desktop version of ARK Care™ Advance Diabetes Management System
via a data cable. ‘Pc’ is displayed when the data cable connects the meter with a computer.
For more information, contact Customer Service:
1-855-776-0662, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time, 7 days a week. "

My guess is that they did an update to the program as the Arkay website still shows the Data Mgmt software as an active product offering. I would call them and see if your meter is still supported.

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Thanks for finding that info. Looks like I can try using my data cable to upload info from both meters.

@annanemas, most welcome. Hope it works. Please let us know what happens…