Random D thoughts


That’s ridiculous. How old is your sensor? I only see crap like that after two weeks.


I don’t recall all the details of what was going on, but it seemed something like that. My BG was rising for a little while but did not keep going, it stopped rising and starting going down again. But the Dex never figured it out.

And then it happened again.

Later at night when I was asleep, my Dex beeped a high alert at 140. Instead of just taking insulin, I thought it would be a good idea to check, considering the silliness I had seen from it earlier in the evening. When I checked, my meter said 60.

No, I have not taken acetaminophen or done anything crazy to mess it up!


I know you all were talking about this a year ago, but I just read the other day that rates of various kinds of mental illness were significantly lower in type 1 diabetics… not sure this group would be an example of that finding, but there’s still one in every crowd. :grin:

Anyway, next shower… you can mull that over in your next shower…


I think this is an excellent observation and guess. All I do is look at sensor behavior in regards to movement in blood sugar, and it’s very reasonable to read this is a pure lag. It’s possible that if you had tested your blood sugar just 10 minutes before, you would’ve caught a “unicorn”… a pair of matching 80s, one rising and one falling. You’ve heard of unicorns, right? :rofl::rofl: they’re serious business in 670G world. :rofl:


If this ever happens again I’d trust the Contour Next One over the dex. Seems legit based on what you went through. I trust my contour next one over any other meter, if I ever get a dex or libre prolly still would trust it over that if it was different by a lot.


A simple cold has laid me out today, and I was trying to explain to my 3yo why I need to stay down, and she asked, “Can you get some jelly beans?” :laughing: If only all my problems could be solved by jelly beans!


My wife and I went to go see Tony Bennett last night. It was fun, and the first time I have ever been the youngest person in the entire symphony hall.


:rofl: that’s funny.


Just had some cinnamon roll for a low, and as soon as I finished I instinctively washed my hands. Without even thinking about it.

Kinda realized that is an automatic habit, so that any subsequent BG tests won’t be jacked by sugar on my hands.

It occurred to me that diabetics are probably the only people who are just as likely to wash their hands after eating as they are before…


I just realized that I wash my hands about once per hour or more. That’s down from between every patient before I retired. Old habits are hard to break.


Doc, do you know the only person who washes their hands more than a diabetic dentist?


Only a real neurotic. Or maybe also.:blush:


A diabetic proctologist.



That’s not okay.


I forgot the smiley faces…

I was joking. Your diabetic proctologist joke was very funny. :grin:


There is always the edit button. Smiley can be added as an after thought.

EDIT: I love the edit button.

EDIT2: I hate that all of your edit history is public.

EDIT3: I believe the option to have edit history publicly visible to the general user is a site configuration:
“edit history visible to public”


The edit button…
and where might that be?? Or do you mean the pencil??

Nan’s handshakes jdsjdh

That’s not it.


Which is why I try to just leave it in writing and never look back… edit leaves a lot of room for regret. Or just worry. Just go with the gut and hope for the best.


I like how all cars now come equipped with a storage place for used test strips and syringes, as a standard feature.


My wife was watching the movie Legally Blonde for the 57th time tonight.

It makes sense, because I think you really miss a lot of the subtle nuances the first 56 times.