Random D thoughts


Today was one of those (thankfully rare) days I absolutely could not muster up enough oomph to cook dinner, and we already had pizza a few nights ago (it’s just that kind of week), so…I fed the kids and myself cereal (and leftover chicken and some avocado. It was a weird meal). The funny thing was, I had mashed potatoes last night with dinner, and I spiked higher with that than I did the cereal. Ha! I know it’s because I put a little more effort into tonight’s dosing so I wouldn’t hit the 200s (success - topped out in the 140s :astonished: ), but was still funny to compare the numbers. Now I just have to resist the urge to keep working on my cereal formula…


It’s always fun when my wife sends me to the grocery store when I have low BG.



@Eric hopefully you’ve treated it by now…

With a delicious cookie triangle with vanilla icing :cookie:

I always go for the Doritos if I’m anywhere near low OR hungry on a shopping trip…


On the related note of wildly inappropriate and invasive comments from pharmacy techs…

When I went to buy pregnancy tests while trying for my second kiddo, they asked me, “Would this be good news or bad news?” when they rang me up. What the heck?

What if it had been “bad” news? What would they say to that answer?


oh man that’s awful.


Ay… yi… yi… :smile:


My wife only has a level 10 on her screaming.

Doesn’t matter if a spider is crawling on the wall, or a guy with a chainsaw and hockey mask breaks into the house - she will always scream at a level 10.

Generally when I am in the house and hear the scream, I have to decide whether I should drop everything and go running to her.

Is it really a level 10, like the chainsaw guy? Or is it really a level 2, like a bug?

I never know.


If she’s anything like me, a bug might as well be the chainsaw guy. :laughing: I’m looking forward to the day my son is old enough to come to my rescue when hubby isn’t home. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s too bad gluten is so destructive to my body, because I ate 40 carbs for lunch - including bread and potato chips - with no insulin…and barely a blip on my Libre, and that 2 hours after I ate. Only plus side to being glutened is the malabsorption (I’m guessing?) means more carbs with less insulin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought of this post this morning when I discovered a little gecko inside my house. Hubby wasn’t home, so I had to put on a brave face for the kids and deal with it myself. I still squealed and jumped around, though…

And side note, I learned a lesson in not attributing shaking to dealing with tiny creatures in my house. Apparently I had dipped slightly low while dealing with the gecko, and by the time I realized it, I’d had a few sips of my coffee alternative that brought me back up. :laughing:


My mom had a dream the other day that there was a lizard loose in her bathroom. In the dream, she ran around screaming and jammed rags into the drains and under the door and then called me and told me to come get the little bastard. :smile: Apparently her dream came true at your house!

I love lizards. Would’ve been happy to catch that one for you. Here’s a pair that I accidentally doused in my garden a few years ago. It was getting cold out and I was worried they’d die overnight if I didn’t warm them up.


All I can say is that photo makes me want to run. :laughing: :scream:


Oh no! Will we never be friends in real life? :::sniff, sniff::: I love lizards. :slight_smile: But I could love people who don’t love lizards too.


Some of my dearest friends have been bold lizard-friendly types. :wink: The dad of my best friend in college would put lizards on his ears as “earrings” sometimes to be funny…


Sometimes it isn’t even worth the strips I waste on calibration.
[sigh] :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


At that point it’s a crap shoot determining what your true BG is from those two meters. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m pretty sure I know which of the two I’m gonna go with. Drinking juice right now.

The thing that really bugged me was that the Dex had an up arrow on it.


Whoa. Is the Dex often that off for you?

I don’t know how accurate the Dex arrows are, but I have learned to never trust the arrows on my Libre. They are rarely accurate if my BG is moving.


That’s a thing for @EricH sometimes too. Waaaaay off. But yours is a special kind of screwed up since it’s got both an up arrow and a down arrow. :frowning:


I would have liked to see Eric’s dex graph about 20 minutes after the one he shared. What I see in that graph (which is expanded so 1 hour fills the entire screen) is the Dex reading in the low 50s around 10:30, and it’s still quite low around 10:55, then over the next 10 minutes it jumps up from about 60 to 100. That’s an amazingly fast spike, like glucose is kicking in or something. I could imagine a scenario where it turns out that it wasn’t enough glucose, so the graph comes right back down over the next 15 minutes, and he feels the low and measures. The down-arrow on the contour meter just means low, it doesn’t mean falling BG, so that’s not quite a contradiction to the dex, if the dex was just lagging 15 minutes, and this photo was taken just before the dex turned down again.

I disagree. Believe the contour meter, and expect the dex to plummet soon. When your BG suddenly starts rising by 20 mg/dL every 5 minutes it’s going to take the interstitial fluid a while to catch up, and if the BG then turns down and plummets again, the resulting turn in the graph will also lag behind, maybe by 15 minutes. During fast moves followed by a turn, the CGM graph will tend to overshoot for 5 or 10 minutes in the direction it was going before it turns. That’s an artifact of the filtering the algorithm does to smooth out one or two noisy interstitial measurements.

Looking at that photo of meter and cgm lacks the context that Eric had. If he was just sitting quietly at his desk from 10pm to 11pm, I’d interpret the picture as showing a failure of CGM, and start looking for a reason. If, however, he was low after exercise and/or overbolusing for a meal, and at 10:50 or so he microdosed some glucagon or ate some glucose tabs, then he could look at that photo and just shrug with amusement at the lag of interstitial glucose measurements.

One comment is that I never use the CGM graph expanded so that 1 hour fills the screen. I find it too hard to see when the graph starts to turn, and even fast spikes look gentle and gradual. The 3-hour scale works better for me.