Random D thoughts


At the risk of opening up a can of worms – there’s a cat thread – why no dog thread???


‘Cos us crazy cat ladies just have to share our addiction?? :smile_cat:



That’s great…


At least cat people keep it indoors. Mostly.

I live next to an off-leash park. I swear I could set up a live-cam in my window for use in Psych 101 classes worldwide. Crazy cat people have nothing on crazy dog people.


Because I’d have to go out and start taking pictures of other people’s dogs… which would make my neighbors nervous. :grin: More nervous than I already make them, that is.


I can only imagine :slight_smile:



For the record, I am not the scariest person down this lane.

…In my opinion, at least. :grin:


Shudder… should I ask more?


You should meet my children. :grin:


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Are they muddy Doc? Or did they lock YOU outside?

They’re cute either way!!!

And @TiaG I think there was a dog thread at some point.

@Beacher I was just today explaining to my therapist how having a dog is really good so there’s always someone to talk to! And explaining my dislike of dog parks (too many “nice” dogs that wouldn’t leave me alone)! Ha! I love the idea of surreptitiously filming dog people at the dog park and using it for an online psych class.


@TravelingOn They had just come in from having a great time in the mud. I was outside getting their bath ready, and they gave me that innocent look.

I can’t stay mad at them for more than 30 seconds.


@docslotnick I am so glad that I was right about the mud. After I sent that, I thought maybe your dog just looks messy all the time, and it was part of his fur, and maybe I had insulted you! But as it turns out, I was right. Bathtime and mud were what was happening!

And not being able to be mad at them for long is smart! That’s probably good advice for life in general. :smiley:

Maple our labradoodle loves puddles. And will wallow in them at any chance. Also she loves to lie down in the surf at the ocean and acquire as much sand as possible. She doesn’t get her back or her head wet though. She’s a hoot!

I often wonder if anyone on FUD has a diabetic alert dog and how they went about training them/where they got them. We had hopes Maple might be good at that but she’s too shy and didn’t warrant more training in that direction. So she’s our well loved pet instead. :paw_prints:


I don’t have a trained one. But my dog nearly broke my son’s door down when I was having a bad low at night, a few years ago. He was barking and going crazy trying to get someone to help me. My wife was out of town, and my son ended up calling 911, thanks to the dog waking him up.


Wow!!! Go dog, go! That one is a keeper.


There’s always yourself! Yourself is never far away. And usually listens.


LOL, my mom said she talked to herself ‘cos she was the only sensible person around!


HA! Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. :zipper_mouth_face: Maybe I need to channel @CatLady’s mom and not my own?

Annnnnd people tend to look at me crazy if I’m talking to myself. Don’t get me wrong, and frequently talking to myself! :rofl:

All this makes me think of our wireless earbuds, and how often I have thought people were talking to themselves when they were actually talking to somebody on the phone. That always cracks me up! I’m convinced they’re having a very long conversation with themselves, and it’s just hidden earbuds. :slight_smile:


Pyschology researchers spend a lot of time listening to kids’ self-talk while problem-solving. I am glad it’s usually only my cats overhearing when I am trying to work out a BG strategy. :scream_cat::smile_cat:

Hmm…calling it a strategy might be just too, um, optimistic sometimes! :crazy_face: