Random D thoughts


At my private practice in California (sold it and moved to Texas), there were always biscotti’s and fresh fruit on the living (waiting) room coffee table. There was also the coffee bar stocked with kcups of all kinds, and a plate of chocolate chip cookies next to the Kuerig machine.

Fresh flowers always graced the front desk counter, and a hot towel was always given to each patient after their appointment.

Patients would often stop by just to have a cup of coffee and treat, watch some TV and relax for an hour, even when they did not have an appointment!

Honey in the soap and fingersticks
Honey in the soap and fingersticks

That says it all! What a welcoming environment to make people love visiting the dentist!!!

My favorite dentist ever was this guy in SLO named Dr. Knoll. His mint green dental machines were run on a system of belts and pulleys. And there was a water fountain and spittoon so you could actually get the grit out post-cleaning. And the man could always understand what you were saying, no matter how much gauze was stuffed in your mouth! But the best part was that he always put Vaseline on your lips before he did any dental work, so your mouth wasn’t so dry afterwards. My mom had 35 year old fillings that finally gave it up recently from this gentleman. He was great!

Honey in the soap and fingersticks

Just recalling my first D-Thanksgiving: ended up in hospital when my husband panicked 'cos I was going low!! The combination of high activity level (3 days of over 15,000 steps each in prepping, cleaning, etc.), not eating enough carbs for my boluses, having a couple of glasses of wine, and not knowing about how fat affected BGs yet. (And there’s a LOT of fat in my Thanksgiving dinner!) Anyway, even though my fingersticks (no cgm yet) showed my BG coming up en route to the hospital, my husband took me to th ER. Fluids, warm blankets, rest, frquent BG checks and then they let us go home! What a learning experience!! :scream_cat::smiley_cat:


Sheesh, it seems like everything this time of year is pumpkin spice flavored.







The seasonal insulin marketing stuff is getting way out-of-hand. We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet and they’ve already started.



That moment when you’ve been feeling so proud of your good control even while away from home…and then you realize you’re sick (with a cold), which is driving your BG down. :laughing:

Honey in the soap and fingersticks

I think a cool diabetic super-power would be chocolate x-ray vision.

I always take a chocolate out of the box of assorted Christmas chocolates, take a bite, and spit it out because it’s a gross one, like the kind filled with some strawberry nastiness or whatever.

It’s just holiday Russian roulette.


Hahaha! Amazing.

My grandmother, who was in her 80’s, always received See’s Candies from us. I used to spend a number of days a week at her house when I was a teen. We were really close. While I was willing to eat anything with sugar, she drew the line at jelly filled candies. She hated them. To avoid spitting them out as @Eric does, she’d poke a small hole in the bottom. If it was a jelly, it went back into the box upside down and waited for me to show up. Once as a kid, I had asked her about this, and when I found out the answer, I was tickled with this super proper lady poking holes in the candies to save herself the need to spit them out. Still am tickled by that story. Thanks for giving me a chance to share it Eric. X-ray vision would solve that.

Also, a box of nuts and chews solves it too. :wink:

Honey in the soap and fingersticks

Is this the first confirmed food that Eric will not eat?

Honey in the soap and fingersticks

Hey, the diabetic and the Dolphins beat the Pats tonight. :smile:


McDonald’s just announced their new long-term market strategy. They are going to start putting sesame seeds on boobs.



Darryl Strawberry confessed that he used to have sex between innings of baseball games.

But so what? I do that all the time.


Oh, wait I just read the article. He was playing in the game! Never mind!


Strawberry meant with another person


Of course. If it was by myself I wouldn’t wait for the inning to end.


Sometimes I lament the way movies or TV episodes get it so wrong. But it’s far worse when a Serious Medical Organization gets it wrong. Here is a statement attributed to the American Geriatrics Society as reported by a Diabetes In Control article http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/can-aggressive-glycemic-control-in-adults-with-diabetes-be-harmful/

The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) recommends that the only medication older adults with diabetes should be on if they have an HbA1c level below 7.5% is metformin.

Of course we know that to follow this advice would be a death sentence for any Type 2 with absolute insulin deficiency and for all Type 1’s. Not to mention the need for polypharmacy to treat other health issues. I just hope that nobody who has bureaucratic power (and budget problems) would attempt to implement this AGS recommendation “in order to improve the care of older adults with diabetes.”


This is obviously a very dangerous over simplification and generalization. I hope the AGS gets sufficient blowback to appropriately modify this recommendation.




I was looking for some sugar tonight and this was all that was left in the box of chocolates. I guess this is photographic confirmation.