Random D thoughts


I don’t know if anyone else has seen this show, but around the 8 minute mark they get into the kidneys. And for some reason these women just crack me up. The show is so dated now, but I remember loving it years ago.


Goodness! We recently re-watched a whole whack of episodes. Clarissa on serving rabbit to vegetarians: “Anyway, after the third bottle of very good claret, they were very understanding.”


My aunt once cooked up a steak-and-kidney pie for my dad and he said it was “just the way mum made it” and was ever so happy. We kids were scarred for life… LOL!


I didn’t know giblets were “dog food” until I was an adult and looking online for how to cook them.

My favorite part of the bird. Boil for 30 minutes. Yum. Not dog food (or cat food or Mongoose food) here !!!

(Also possible I may never land a spot on America’s Top Chef or whatever - lol)


It’s amazing how quickly your perspective can change. Near the end of my pregnancy, about 7 months ago, it wasn’t uncommon for me to dose 8-10us for my more carby (40-50) meals. Tonight, I had to mentally brace myself as I injected three whole units for dinner - so much insulin! :rofl:


The Dolphins are playing the Raiders tonight on Sunday Night Football. I wouldn’t normally have much of a rooting interest for either team, but I’m pulling for the diabetic quarterback.


Not sure where your D Q is but there is really one one phrase that goes through my head when I hear Dolphins.



What’s that say about the Pats fans? Dolphins aren’t fish, they are mammals.

I’m just cheering for the diabetic. Don’t care much about either team.


Yerp. I do think you have identified a Pats fan at a bar pretty good.



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Honey in the soap and fingersticks

Apparently, at my institution, when you work with a certain admin to submit a grant, she bakes you a pie when it goes in (this is a few days early, but we are almost there). Conveniently, I’m slowly drifting low before lunch (straight horizontal arrow, but steadily creeping downward into the mid-60s), so I’m currently conducting an experiment on the efficacy of treating lows with pumpkin pie… it must have a good amount of fat, since that one piece was really filling, but I think it will still work well enough.

Honey in the soap and fingersticks

Update—totally worked. Mmmmm pie.


I like the traditions at your institution. As someone who has difficulty saying no to workplace treats, and now looking at my experiences with a diabetic lens, I am absolutely horrified by how many traditions in most workplaces revolve around food that no one should be eating on a regular basis.

On the pumpkin pie front, in our house that doesn’t count as dessert since there is so much vegetable matter in it. :slight_smile:


Heh. It’s often been said that a dental office runs on its stomach. Donuts, cake, pies, pizza, all the stuff that’s impossible (or very difficult) to bolus for.


My dentist always gives a small chocolate chip cookie to patients when checking out…and I know exactly how to bolus for that! :smiley_cat:


Wait, your dentist helps you ruin your teeth?! :grin:

Honey in the soap and fingersticks

Nice! My dentist gives me the world’s cheapest toothbrush and horrible mint floss, both of which go in the first available garbage can. Lucky for me, the first available garbage can is almost next door, in the Belgian chocolate shop. And I know exactly how to bolus for those.

Honey in the soap and fingersticks

I get a nice toothpaste and floss, too!

Honey in the soap and fingersticks

Return business, lol!


In addition to toothbrush/floss, my dentist gives out lip balm, in a range of scents (they are in a container where you check out), all with their name/info on the label. It’s actually really good lip balm, and perfect since your lips tend to be dry after all of that.