Random D thoughts


This is an indictment of the whole family, though :slight_smile:


I think the key term there is “if they have an a1c below 7.5”

Goes along with the “first, do no harm” way of thinking

Obviously with absolute insulin deficiency, their a1c would not remain below 7.5 if treated solely with metformin, so they’d be excluded from the recommended group


Depends on how you perceive harm. I perceive a 7.5 A1c as a harmful marker.


Yes, but not necessarily harmful in someone who only has a few year remaining life expectancy to begin with

Also realize the vast majority of insulin dependent diabetics have an A1C well above that level


I guess that’s the difference in point of view between a 45 year old and a 65 year old :blush:

I don’t like being grouped together with a bunch of old people, and being treated as such.


I don’t consider you anywhere near a “geriatric patient”


By age yes. But by condition no.

This point is why I find it annoying that doctors do not generally treat their patients as individuals, but more by groups.

And thanks!:grinning:


That said… if I ever catch you standing in the middle of the grocery store aisle on senior day blocking traffic like you own the place, I’ll still run into you with my cart.


@eric - A contractor who does work for me was nice enough to give me a low blood sugar treatment kit at Christmas. I use it to boost my blood sugars at work.

So far all of the treatments have worked and I haven’t had to spit any out. Although I am not too sure about that coconut ball thing in the bottom row.


Send it to me, I’ll let you know how it is. :wink:


You know, what’s funny is that every gift I got for Christmas at work was candy. It’s no secret that I’m a T1D, but I was given quite a haul.

And it’s worked pretty well😋


All my coworkers are health nuts. We celebrate birthdays in our office with a cake (there are only 13 of us… so ~1 cake/month), and around half the office doesn’t eat any because they’re trying to be healthy… which means the other half gorges on cake over the next few days :wink:


I wonder which half @Katers87 is in :wink:


Depends on the cake of course! Who can resist a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting?? :smile: Who wants to bother dosing in advance for a bland vanilla cake with vanilla frosting??


An excellent example of cognitive reframing!! :smiley_cat:


I had to look that up :laughing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_reframing - now I know what to call it.

One of the side effects of having children is learning how to deal with your kids saying negative things about seemingly trivial events. My fall back tool is cognitive reframing. Usually the response from the kids is just eye-rolling but eventually it may rub off :slight_smile:


Quite correct on the vanilla/vanilla combo, however Vanilla Cake with Lemon Filling and real Butter Cream frosting should be worth the effort.


What do you guys think about birthday candles and blowing them out?

Hurray! You blew all over the cake I was going to eat! 
Uh....no thanks, I have to pass. I have diabetes, you know....

It’s good to have an excuse for being able to politely skip the cake that somebody just spit all over.



Most definitely worth the effort! I love lemon!


Luckily, we can’t have fires/light candles in our building, so none of that!! Excellent excuse for other occasions though. Especially when it’s vanilla/vanilla :wink:

I like how the whole cake is now the same color as his spit…