Question for Symlin users/ex-users

Hi All,

Curious if there was anyone that’s used Symlin that can share their strategies or insulin:symlin ratios.

I’m still experimenting with the doses to see what works.

Overall my TDD is 42 units of Humalog and I split the Symlin into 3 doses of 5/3/3 during the day.

The 5 is to help the morning go smoother.

I used it for almost a year…but it was too much to track.

Had to take it at least 30min prior to oral meds or supplements or wait 2 hours after Symlin … Had to be a meal of at least 250 calories.

It didn’t change my basal, but I halved my boluses and extended them (I’m on pump) 2.5 hours. I injected just as I ate, it worked fast.

It was too inconsistent, too. Persistent lows sometimes, others did nothing.

Good luck!

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