Symlin/Insulin combo reduces spikes significantly post-meal


Interesting, even though it’s a Phase I so basically just a safety trial. A 97% reduction in post-meal spikes seems pretty impressive; I wonder how it compares to manually doing a separate Symlin injection. However, I’ve also heard that Symlin is quite tricky to use and that the lows experienced on it can be quite nasty, so I’m curious if anyone on here uses it regularly and if they think this combo-injection would work better?



I used it for a bit, and found it unpleasant and challenging in several respects. It brings on a very sudden and strong full to the point of nausea feeling when it kicks in, which means you need to be done eating what you’re eating by the time that happens (so didn’t work well for multi-course/leisurely meals or other times you might spread food out over a bit of time). While I was then not hungry, 2-3 hours later, it suddenly wears off and I was starving again. It needed a more gradual course of action to be useful to me anyway. Those issues made it not worth using, despite somewhat lowering spikes and also reducing appetite.


Symlin slows the rate food is emptied from stomach into the small intestine.

Domperidone makes the stomach empty more quickly and also reduces nausea (it is sometimes used for gastroparesis).

I wonder what would happen if you put them both together in the same room!

Symlin vs. Domperidone


I wonder how its mechanism of action is different from what happens normally in the body, as people who are producing it naturally don’t have those effects.


I think it would kind of defeat the purpose? The Symlin is having exactly the type of effect I want it to have (the full feeling was even more of the appeal for me than the blood sugar effects), I just need it to be more gradual. It’s like taking Humalog when you need Regular.


Sure, I was just playing around a bit. It struck me as funny how there are two medicines that many diabetics take (a lot of diabetics have issues with gastroparesis) that are exact opposites!

I mean, you always hear YDMV, and here’s an example. :grinning:


When I was using Symlin it had to be in conjunction with insulin. You didn’t inject Symlin if you were not eating at least 30 carbs and you were bolusing for those carbs. It’s been awhile so things may have changed or I’m misreading the topic.


The endo I had growing up was of the “experimental” type, and for a while when I was younger he had me mixing Symlin with Novolog in my pump cartridges. Seems like a wild idea in retrospect because I’m not sure how you would know how much Symlin I was getting vs. Novolog, and the amount of Symlin given at any one time would be pretty low. Plus the fact that I would be getting it during basals/corrections as well. But I did it. I think it may have improved things slightly but I honestly can’t really remember, I was probably like 9 at the time because my mom was still filling my pump cartridges for me.


Our endo proposed using Symlin when we discussed options on dealing with sharp spikes. But, upon investigation, it really had nothing to do with spikes, only with spikes dealing with food (and ours are hormonal), so we did not go that road.