Putting real HONEY in your tea/food

i have been home sick for the past couple of days. a horrid sore throat has been kind enough to accompany a flu-like cold. the one thing that appeals to me and keeps calling out my name is HONEY. honey in my tea. yummmm.

but how would i bolus for this? i know some of you out there will know, so i thought i would post the question. i would like about 3 large Tbs as a serving size.

For 3 tbls of honey, bolus for 50 g of carbs…wait… check your BG…wait…check your BG…

At some point when you are starting to drop down, drink it.

Since your BG is running high, you may need more insulin than normal for 50g. Depends on if you still have any IOB.

As long as you are able to keep down food, it’s okay. If you are throwing up, I would not want you to do this, it’s too risky.


that seems like an awful amount of carbs; is it for a tsp or a Tbsp?

That’s for 3 tablespoons. 1 Tbsp = 17ish carbs. I don’t think I’d put 3 tablespoons in my tea, though…

ha ha ha ha
With Eric, it probably is a given. Why use a teaspoon when the tablespoon is right there.
17 carbs of honey per tablespoon.
3 tablespoons of honey would be 51 carbs.

It wouldn’t be a shocker if you (@daisymae) perferred just a tad less honey in your tea then @Eric

(Totally cracking up over this in the morning - very funny !!!)


you crack me up too, and today i could use a good laugh…so thanks for that :rofl:

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Hey, DM is the one who said tablespoons!


he’s right on that account. i just didnt realize how big a portion 3 TBs were. i think i will peddle backwards and try the tsp potions instead. :blush:

so, that being said, how many carbs in 2 - 3 teaspoons? (i just need it to calm a terribly sore throat. :wink:)

1 tablespoon is the same as 3 teaspoons.

So divide the carbs of 1 tablespoon of honey by 3 to get carbs per teaspoon.

17 carbs of honey per tablespoon, divided by 3, is 5.6 grams of carbs in each teaspoon.

BTW, if you are too sick to worry about the conversion, this is all you need to read:

1 teaspoon of honey has 5.6 grams of carbs


I picture Eric getting the 3 tablespoons of honey ready for his tea. Looking at the 3 tablespoons of honey. Looking at the tea. Deciding… Maybe the tea is optional… Ditching the tea and just going with the honey.



I just use a ladle.


To be clear, you mean something like this? Amazon.com