Roller coaster?

I can’t figure out what’s going on. I’m using honey as muscle recovery and also as a easy to digest carb.

I can only take insulin for 50% of the cards otherwise I go low.

This is been happening recently, I’m waking up with very high blood sugar and it’s not dawn phenomenon because it’s all night long.

But if I fast I crash low into the 40s about 10:00 a.m.

I go to bed at 8:00 p.m. and I get up at 4:00 a.m.

Do you think this is due to the honey being added into my diet? It’s been happening for about a week the honey for about a week. But I’ve also made other changes in my diet.
I feel weak and tired I’m just spent from the lows and highs. The tired is why I think it’s the honey as it has no nutritional value truly. Can anybody out there help me?

Hello! I will tell you Wendy I would do if this were my son. If he was going low and I was only giving insulin for 1/2 the carbs then I would test to figure out what his I:C “should be .” If you are currently at 1:20 For instance (1 unit for every 20 carbs) and you were still only giving half the insulin then you should tweak that to 1:40 or 1:30 and test. Ideally you want to just give full bolts for engraver carbs you are eating. I recommend testing and figuring out your I:C to fix this issue.

To fix this you may need to set different basal rates or if you are MDI consider splitting the dose too once (1/2) in the morning and once (1/2) before bed. If you are using a pump just set the basal rate higher at night.

Also ISF matters so figuring out how sensitive you are to insulin at those times will be important so you don’t give too much and go low.

We stopped using honey because it was just too much work. :smiley:


Do you mean that you only take 50% for the “honey” carbs (for exercise recovery), or you always take insulin for 50% for all carbs? If always, then as @ClaudnDaye suggests, you may need to adjust your I:C, ISF so that they reflect the actual insulin requirements for carbs.

At what time are you taking the honey? Close to bedtime or close to the time you are waking up high? Do you use a CGM so that you can see the history of your BGs as they rise? Honey should be metabolized fairly quickly so if you have the honey a few hours before you go to bed, and your bedtime BG is fine, at bedtime, then this morning high that you describe is probably not directly due to the honey.

I don’t think it is directly the honey causing you to be tired either, as roller coaster BGs themselves can be exhausting! You should, of course, ensure you are getting a well balanced diet, even if it means taking more insulin to metabolize the carbs. I personally would not substitute honey for meals or required nutritional needs. So yes, if you aren’t getting enough nutrition, this may be causing your tiredness, and perhaps indirectly related to your honey intake. Good luck figuring this out!! Like @ClaudnDaye, I don’t use honey. For lows, I usually stick to juice which acts really fast for me. I think many do use honey successfully though …


Honey is a lot of work. It’s the only part of my carbs that I can only take 50% for. The rest of my carbs I take my normal per car ratio depending on which meal it is.

As for the highs all night… Meaning if my CGM wakes me up by 10:00 p.m. and I take a unit and then it wakes me up again at 11:30 because that unit barely worked.

I think it could be one
A bad low I suffered during the day.
2. Too many sugars in my diet. Or empty carbs high in sugar such as refined sugar or the culprit I suspected honey.
3. Too many fats for dinner as I have a touch of the gastroparesis. Not bad though.

If the high begins after midnight… My dawn phenomenon is not typical because of my waking hour at 4:00 a.m. will actually 3:45
So if the high starts after midnight that’s most likely due to Dawn phenomenon and I’m thinking the reason is …I work out strength train at around 5:00 a.m. 4 - 5 days per week

So if the dawn phenomenon is raising my sugars to prepare me for the day it’s raising me for that workout. My problem is it’s raising me too high LOL

I will most likely change what time of day I work out
And even though I won’t want the bulk ( touch of gastroparesis)
I’m cutting the easy to digest honey out of my diet.

But not cutting my calorie intake. So therefore I’ll be eating more bulk I’m not looking forward to that.

I’m not sure if you know strength training but sugars carbs about a 3 to 1 ratio three carbs to one protein and a minimum of 20 g of protein after a 45 minute to an hour strength train session… Well that’s a lot more bulk than three tablespoons of honey LOL

I’ve been a diabetic for 54 years and it’s just.

Well I was wondering if anybody else had this experience with a lot of honey in their diet.

My last suspect would be I think my most likely for the biggest problems of
The daytime crash then night time rebound

My base is probably too high.

But even after 54 years I don’t really know how to fast correctly and what to expect when fasting

No matter how much basal I’m taking… when I fast my blood sugar seems to climb but if I go to sleep overnight after fasting since 11:00 a.m. I wake up around 68 to 72

Sorry if all this was confusing I was rambling.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with anything because like I said even after 54 years

I’m still lost right now LOL


Yes only 50% for the honey

My last meal of the day because I don’t want the digestion problems is three tablespoons of honey at 3:00 p.m. lol and a piece of fruit

My recovery meal at approximately 6:30 a.m.

Is 20 g of pea protein a banana and three tablespoons of honey in my coffee (decaf)

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But I think it’s important to note

I eat 7 to 8 times a day

Not necessarily small amounts approaching 300 calories each meal so… As honey is only in two of them I’m pretty certain I’m getting nutritional requirements.

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So you have another 5 hours before bedtime. Does your CGM show your BG is in range at bedtime, 8PM? If so, I don’t think honey could be causing the morning high. Could it be due to fat/protein content of your earlier meals? I know fat and protein have a delayed effect so these two could be causing the rise early morning. I see that in myself … if I eat nuts (high in both fat and protein) in the evening, I will see a BG rise in the middle of the night, so it could be 7+ hours later! I will take corrections (in addition to my Loop autobolus making corrections) to prevent the spike, but the rise is consistent, and could be significant if I don’t take action.

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Yeah it shows it’s fine at bedtime. 93…95

There is as my protein is right around 90 g but that’s only one serving of boneless skinless chicken tenderloin 4 oz and the rest of my protein is plant oatmeal and pea protein sunflower seeds and a little peanut butter so there is quite a bit of fat in there. But those are so much earlier in the day I mean we’re talking like 9 10 hours earlier… But there is another possibility for the nighttime high it’s happened twice in the last 3 days where… My blood sugar was high all night long and most of the next morning and then I would dive crash.

Again I think my base is too high.

Then when I drink juice I don’t use honey for Lows… The acid in the juice in combination with the ensuing rebound… That causes me to bloat badly.

I do believe when that happens my gastroparesis goes insane and nothing digest correctly for the rest of the day the only thing that will digest is the simple sugars

The honey the fruit any other complex carbs that I eat in combination with fats meat anything… Doesn’t come into play until my bloat goes down… Which one you’re bloated you’re supposed to relax or exercise lightly such as a walk… Neither of those things are me LOL I have to move quickly for what I do for work for errands then I come home and take care of the house before my wife comes home…(I work part-time)… I do that so that I can sit down and relax with her but she gets home about 2 hours before I go to bed.

Long story short I don’t think those carbs are coming into play until they digest while I’m asleep cuz that’s when I slow down really slow down

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That could be. I don’t have gastroparesis so have no practical experience. I think a BG high 9-10 hours after a high fat/protein meal could easily be attributing to the morning BG high you describe though. I’ve seen this in myself for nuts and that is without any known gastroparesis. I can imagine having gastroparesis makes managing BGs much more difficult. I hope someone with practical experience will chime in.

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Well I used to term loosely… I don’t have it nearly as bad as some who are diagnosed with it. My endocrine and my dietitian ((my dietician is type 1.) They both suspect that I have a “touch” of gastroparesis… Though I don’t know what a touch really means.
I’ve also been told to be checked for GERD by some people… though I never have heartburn

And the most recent one is
I bet you have a gluten intolerance causing you to bloat.
I actually am thinking of testing that one out.
Because I only eat gluten once a day not that I was avoiding it I just realized it though my only gluten is in the one peanut butter sandwich I eat a day… and it’s right about midday when I crash…soo… I suppose the bloat could be from that and not the apple juice and rebound high worsening gastroparesis.