Pump constantly losing sensor

Started using my Cgm yesterday, it connects to meter then I get a lost sensor notice. It’s been going on ever since putting in yesterday. Getting annoying. But am doing great with pump. Been between 80 and 100 every morning still climb into upper 100’s after meals but working on that. Have Gorton daily averages down to 126 from a low of 212 before I started back on pump
Happy there.

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Which pump and cgm are you using?

Yea just dawned on me I left that out.530g enlite. Yea know shortcomings but I like or did like.

Took transmitter off put on charger started flashing green now fast red. Trouble shooting says real low battery if it didn’t stop bad transmitter. Did when I charged up after not being used for year+ but stopped after a hour or so. Then would go green and stop all after a hour or so. Mabey it’s not holding charge new transmitter coming scheduled to be here on 15th but hope this one will work.

That sounds like a good theory.

I used MM older pumps with older sensor, but recall similar issue when transmitter was old. I had to recharge more frequently.

Now i am getting 4 quick green flashes. Now solid green.

Now light out, puy nack on. And pump always finds senser then says lost signal earatiting.

Does the charger run on batteries? I think my older one did. Did you try new batteries if so?

Yea put in new battery on first charge. Can change, will try anything.

Changed transmitter, works as should. Hoping to get other working.