My CGM Isn't Working

I woke up with an alarm going off and my sensor read that it can’t be reused or something…IDK the error message is gone and I was so groggy. I tried restarting my CGM by going new sensor then rescanning the code, etc. but it didn’t even wait the two hours and I got a message again. Similar message, for some reason it doesn’t show in my old notifications. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s my last sensor. It will take a couple days to get a new box, so I’m looking at 2 days without a CGM now. Of course, it’s my busiest ever work day tomorrow, and it’s a full day of social activities and teambuilding, which stress me out under normal circumstances. Now, it’s going to be without a CGM. I am going to eat total keto for two days so I don’t have to have bolus on board and no exercise because I don’t need another thing in the mix. I’ll have my basal on a tad lower than usual too. Might run a tad higher, but that’s fine with me for 2 days. Just got my test strips out because I’ll need them, and realized they expired 4 months ago. I’m sure they still work, but I’ll pick up some more today.

It’s weird how reliant I’ve become on the CGM. I went years without one, and now it’s like panic mode to not have one for a couple days!!!


Yes, I depend on mine too.

To succeed at restarting, you need to electrically disconnect the sensor from the transmitter for 15 minutes. There’s one way that pops the transmitter out of the sensor, and a different way that slips a used test strip beneath the tab that sticks out of the slot at the narrow end of the sensor. Please search for “restarting G6 sensor” to find the detailed descriptions of how to do it.

Hang in, you’ll get there ok.


If you changed your sensor, you may have done it too quickly.
Dexcom wants to miss TWO readings from the sensor so that it knows that the transmitter was removed from the sensor and the sensor was replaced. I hate waiting for something I can do in a very short period of time!

To get the transmitter out, a really thin guitar pick works VERY well! One or two swipes top and bottom and it pops right out of the sensor.
I always leave mine out for MORE than 10 minutes. I like to set a timer for 15 minutes (if not, I will forget to put the blasted thing back in for hours… )

Btw, I get that error if I try to restart the sensor without taking the transmitter out.


Sorry to hear about your CGM problems. I agree with you on running high as a short term approach. My Docs at the Joslin Clinic here are much more worried about running low than running high.

I agree - though I would add that even without the constant feedback you get from the CGM, the historical record that you have from your ongoing CGM use will make it easier to get through the next couple of days.

I think we all have CGM issues in one form or another. While the technology is really great, it is also full of bugs and problems. We’re pioneering here - think about what it must have been like to have an early automobile…



Thanks everyone! I will TOTALLY be keeping these tips on hand!! I actually went to the Pharmacy to make sure they processed my order (which I emailed pre them opening) ASAP, and by my lucky stars they had a pack on hand! They have never had one on hand before! Kismet!

So, I’m currently sensor’d up and awaiting the 2HRs. I also got a new pack of test strips, so that I don’t have only expired ones on hand.

Funny aside, when I came back into my apartment, I noticed a test strip on the hallway ground. I’m 99.9% sure it’s mine, so I picked it up and threw it in my sharps bin at home. It reminded me of the many years those darn things would show up EVERYWHERE!!! LOL

I happen to have both a guitar pick and a test strip on hand, should I ever need to restart a sensor without changing it again! I may try just for fun at the end of this one’s lifespan. To clarify, I would remove it via the tricks noted above and then wait 15 mins, then act as if I’m putting a new one on, just using the old site? HOW HANDY TO KNOW!!!

Cheers all :slight_smile:


Yes. The sensor stays inserted in the same place the whole time. For the guitar pick technique, you just remove the transmitter without disturbing the sensor, wait 15 minutes, then press the transmitter back into the sensor. You have to press hard until it clicks in all the way. For the test strip in the slot technique, the transmitter stays in place, but the test strip is forced between those metal contacts on the bottom of the transmitter, and those two black rubber posts on the top of the sensor flap. In either case, after 15 minutes just start new sensor, same as always.