Pump/Cgm suppliers

Hi everybody! Looking for pump/CGM suppliers. Type I, 54 years, no major complications except hypoglycemia unawareness, yuck! Tandem pump w Dexcomm, which is paired w my pump, not my phone. I’ve been in the 20th Circle of Hell, lol, with Edgepark FOR YEARS! Always a wear out for refills. New complications recently—retired in May, now on Medicare and United Healthcare HealthSelect Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPPO) and also their Medicare RX. Also a new Endo, to make everything MORE complicated!!! (BTW, smart nice guy Dr. Alok Mohan, Baylor, Dallas). SO much trouble—ALWAYS—with Dexcomm sensors and transmitters. So much that I often, well, usually, run out before the 90 days. I got a few Freestyle Libre 2 sets, I think $45 copay for RX. They seem quite inaccurate.

I’m afraid to call CVS, Walgreens, H-E-B, Walmart, and Costco (worried about a string of uninformed pharmacists). Should I persevere?

Bynum doesn’t supply Dexcomm supplies (or maybe it was Tandems, sorry, my head is spinning). ADW doesn’t service TX. Just called CCS, who seems great.

What do y’all think I should do? There always seems to be a disconnect between doc offices and suppliers—that’s been for years and years. Thanks bigtime in advance!


For your Tandem pump supplies, try calling Tandem support and check if they know DME suppliers based on your new MC insurance.

Your insurance may have a website for DME providers, but often challenging to specify the product you are searching for. Tandem was able to identity CCSMed for my initial pump, and I continue to use them (not on MC, yet!)

For Dexcom, it may be that your plan would cover as DME or Pharmacy. If your RX plan has formulary online, you can probably search to see if dexcom is covered. This was a recent change by my insurance, and dexcom is now lower cost, and more convenient to pick up locally.


It’s a hassle, but call Dexcom direct every time you have a sensor or transmitter failure. After a lot of discussion, they are very good at sending replacements.


Are you aware of the T:Connect app for your phone? It will display both pump and cgm data on phone, and can be uploaded to T:Connect web for sharing with Drs office.
(I use on android, assume iOS version also available).

I use xDrip on phone instead of dexcom app, since my phone doesn’t support Dexcom app. But I like xDrip (Android) better anyway.


Not sure if this is any help, but I’ve switched from placing my Dexcom on abdomen to my arms. I have not had any issues with it not lasting the 10 days. I also have had nightmares with switching to Medicare but finally (after many many phone calls) get my Dexcom from a place called Diabetes Store and Medicare pays 100%. Best of luck.

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Yes, I love t.connect! I use it with my pump paired w CGM, and my laptop. I don’t pair it w my phone cuz it’s there on my pump (where I can’t lose it, lol!).

Thanks, everybody! I got good answers from my insurance about DME vs. RX. CCS seems very willing to have me (!) and carries all I need. Saw my endo yesterday and it’s all getting set up. He commented, “Yes, Edgepark can be problematic. It seems when their business is up, they can’t be found; and when their business is down they’re calling YOU!”.


If you’re in Dallas and check if your includes FIFTY 50. They are fast, easy to deal with and local (in the DFW area).

They autoship both my Dex and pumps supplies (Omnipod) every 3 months. Love them.



I got my Dexcom supplies through Costco pharmacy which was great despite Costco not being the pharmacy I use for all my other pharmaceutical needs. I live an hour away from Costco and my normal Osco pharmacy is only 20 minutes away. But, Costco was the only area pharmacy that would supply Dexcom as a pharmaceutical rather than a durable medical equipment.

I just went on Medicare (Blue Cross Blue shield) and Navitus pharmacy plan (Medicare part D). I’ve been told that Medicare considers Dexcom as DME and not under Part D. So I have to get Dexcom under Medicare Part B, but Costco doesn’t bill Part B, so now I can’t get Dexcom through Costco. Whew!

Osco pharmacy says they can bill Part B, hopefully this works out. (It will be closer for me). Anybody else get Dexcom through Medicare part B?