Where do I go to get dexcom supplies?

My doctor thinks I should be using the dexcom but I’m not sure where I go to get it. The 1st pharmacy I tried only had the Libre. Then I called where I get my omnipods from but they couldn’t because of where I live. So where in Kansas that accepts Medicare and Medicaid?


Check this from dexcom. Go down to the section on starting new with Medicare. You can get from most local Walgreens or shipped from DME suppliers.

Your insurance may have a DME they already deal with for sensors. Dexcom just recently switched from doing direct from Dexcom, so some suppliers are still getting used to it (MC billing and rules).


Welcome @Twestlake. Tough problem because the process changes with each insurer. @MM2 has a good suggestion, if that doesn’t work let us know, and we can brainstorm other thoughts.


Good news I am now on the dexcom g6.


Congrats, glad you got that sorted. It is pretty amazing information to have if you haven’t experienced it before. Good luck!

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Great news. Just curious, did you do local pharmacy or DME ?

I was able to switch to Pharmacy and find it much easier than dme. But not on MC.

I did try going to a local pharmacy but they didn’t have the dexcom. Instead they had the Libre but said my insurance wouldn’t pay so I’d have to pay for myself. I went to dexcom online and at first didn’t know how to put my information in for my insurance. They wanted just numbers and mine had letters in it too. So finally I figured it out and submitted the application. Dexcom did the rest.


Call dexcom directly… they will do a “benefits inquiry” based on the insurance info you give them and will determine if you buy direct from them, from a local pharmacy, or through a medical equipment supplier that’s contracted with your insurance…

Keep your fingers crossed and hope for either of the first two instead of the third.

ETA—- oops sorry didn’t even read the rest of your comments before replying. Glad you got it figured out


It’s ok