Problem with the Libre Link app after an update from Samsung

Hi everyone, this is a quick note to let everyone know that if you are using a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone and the Libre Link app, that Samsung has sent an update to the UI software that will disable the sound/vibration notification that you get after the scan of the sensor is complete.

It is the “One UI” version 4.0 that seems to be causing the trouble with the Libre Link software.

I have reported this to both Samsung and Abbott. Samsungs position is that the Libre Link app is third party software and that it’s not their fault if a system update breaks third party software. I have several strong opinions on this kind of business, but they are not nice ones so I’m keeping those to myself.

If this causes anyone any problems, please contact Abbott at support@abbottdiabetescare/com


I remember… I don’t have a Samsung, but I used to have an older iPhone (the SE). So when Apple updated their system, suddenly my Libre system (using the LibreLink app) no longer worked. Ugh!

It took an entire morning of phone calls with Abbot to discover it was an incompatibility problem. And then, an entire afternoon at the Apple store to purchase a new Apple. So NOT fun! I was glad I could afford a new phone to accommodate the change, but also was furious with Abbott that I had allowances for them.

I noticed that Apple again updated their system two days ago and wondered how often I’d be dealing with same problem. Good so far, but I have a 12-mini. It occurs to me now that I shouldn’t plug in my phone for overnight charging because that’s when Apple updates their system.

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