Extending the life of your freestyle Libre sensor

I just started using the freestyle Libre sensor and I do love it. The sensors last 10 days and then the Libre reader shuts it down but there is an app out there on the Play Store that is called Glimp and it will read your freestyle sensor after the freestyle reader shuts off so far I’ve gotten 15 days of reading the sensor on my phone with this app. I will continue to read the sensor with this app and my phone just to see how long it will go just a tip out there for you freestyle Libra users to get extra life out of your sensor.


Hmmm… that is interesting. I’m gonna look for the app today and see if I can figure out how to work it. I’ve got 24 hours left on my current sensor… so we’ll see if I can pull it off in time. :grin: thanks for the tip!

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Fairly easy to set up one tip turn your phone around to the back side of your phone when you scan the sensor. My phone would not scan from the front side.

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So my excitement might be short lived… like with most things in life. :grin: I have an iPhone X. And no Play store. I looked for it in the App Store but couldn’t find it… is this for androids only maybe?

Yes I do have an Android phone I thought I read where they were other compatible apps to iPhones also though you might have to do a little research.

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One hour left on my sensor… no better time than now I guess. :smiley:

So for the iPhone the app is FreeStyle LibreLink, and it will be available whenever it is available… Which is not now. I then got off looking at Blucon and Nightrider… all stuff I know nothing about… and I got rerouted back to FUD to find out more. :roll_eyes: So for now, I’ll go change mine. :smiley:

Sorry I was hoping something would work for you.

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And something will. :grin:. I appreciate your post because it gave me the idea. Now I just have extra time to learn about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have downloaded Glimp to my android phone (OnePlusOne). I have tried several times and several different ways but it does not detect my sensor. nothing happens. I looked up the manual and there is nothing specifically to try. The NFC on my device is pretty powerful (I use it to print to my Samsung printer). But in spite if trying to hold it several different ways, reboot, reinstall…no luck. (I am based in USA)
Anyone has any advice,
Thanks a lot,

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The only thing that I can tell you what I have to do is I have to turn my Android phone completely around and put the back of my phone on the top of my sensor then it will work.

I am a new Libre user. Love it so far but would like to extend the sensor life. If I use glimp on a Samsung Galaxy phone can I still use my Libre reader as well. I have heard that using glimp with a Samsung Galaxy can brick the sensor. Does anyone know what that means

Just tried, didn’t work on my Galaxy S20 and latest frestyle libre sensors

Yes i hear abbot are sc*****g people in the US over the time limit in the Libra to 10 days, hear in the uk they last 14.