Predicting BG... Does anyone use BG forecasting?

I have been trying to figure out an easy way to use forecasting. An accurate (or semi-accurate) prediction would be a game changer for caregivers. I find myself in hard situations when my child is away (friend’s house, baby sitters, ect.). I would like to figure out a “dummy proof” method to avoid highs and lows without the rollercoaster. It is too easy to over-correct, so an advanced forecast could mean softer landings.

I just came upon this, but haven’t tried it. Has anyone tried this before?

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I tried it. I can’t say whether the predictions are great – we had already set up NightScout’s predictions, and i found it a bit tedious to enter all the details I needed to get good predictions. The UI was not great when I tried it a year ago.

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I have the latest version of nightscout (0.9.2), but no predictions. Any idea how can I get predictions on nightscout?

I think it’s the Bolus Wizard Preview. You can also enable HAPP, which I think is the open Loop but requires you to manually enter the pump data into NightScout to get its suggestions.

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The UI for PredictBGL looks a lot cleaner than when I used it. I am wondering if it’s been improved, and if so, it might actually be really useful for caregivers. I mean right now I’m just telling everyone what to do via text. But that means I have to have NS open all the time in my web browser.


I did have some discussions with them a couple of months ago. I got an email back pretty fast and was able to engage into a good discussion with them. So, from the point of view of support, they seem good. I am still thinking of testing this app. I’d love to know what you find out!

I researched it a lot around that time (2 months ago) and I believe that this is the only T1 app that has decent reviews anywhere.

There are two other apps that i heard of, neither of which appear to have made it in real life (I could be wrong about that):