Pod Pals

Just received this in the mail today (letter with 3 PodPal adhesive Overlays). We don’t have adhesion issues with Liam’s POD but this might be another option for those of you who do use PODs and who have issues with the POD staying stuck.

BTW - the url in the letter is wrong. It should be www.sugarmedical.com/PodPals (there is a ‘d’ between the words sugar and medical that shouldn’t be there.)

If you get them and try them, please review them for the community!



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That’s nice of them to give out a few. I have not received that letter yet, but I will keep an eye out for it.

I have only had a couple fall off because of adhesive issues, and I am getting close to 500 pods now!


Thanks for this. My last 2 pods actually nearly came off. I secured them back on with hypafix tape.