Pizza line



Something that might help you - ignore the Dexcom all day and only use it at night. You can sleep better if you set it to beep at low or high. And don’t worry about it during the day so you don’t obsess over it. That’s the main benefit I get out of it…


how could i possibly hold off on desert??? what kind of a suggestion is that :wink:


well, as i have mentioned before, i am so skinny that i have nowhere to hook it up to on my body, and i could never get more than 3 days out of one sensor. and, most of the time i would just get the ??? icons. it was extremely frustrating. i tried it for about a year and then called it quits. i think a year was a fair try, though. i was very determined, but i just couldn’t get it to work for me.


It just means wait! You wait until you are dropping and then have it.


PS: i wake up automatically every night several times a night just to P, so i test then. i am usually very steady throughout the night, hovering from 70 to115. very very rawly low or high. phew.


1/3 of a “Jack’s” pizza is 36g = 108g for the whole pizza. Subtract 6g for the dietary fiber. Divide that by 8 and you get 12.75g per slice.

Not sure about Tombstone because we don’t have that in our freezer atm, but we do have Jack’s Pepperoni. He eats 1 slice of that and gets bolused for 13. Tombstone he gets 15g per slice. I don’t have a Tombstone package atm so I can’t give exacts, but the above is similiar for another brand the kids like.


how many calories do you consume each day? with all the info you give about yourself, you should be bigger than Santa Clause :wink:

i think i will send you another Juniors Cheesecake just so you can show me how much of it you eat at a time and how long it take you to finish it, while, at the same exact time, i can see your dexcom readout.

you make me laugh so hard sometimes, i feel like we are in the Twilight Zone :blush:


Oh no! She figured out who I am. :astonished:

You know why I eat that many carbs. I’ve been telling you for many months to get more carbs in your diet! That’s how you fuel your exercise. You fill up your fuel tank and then burn it!

The last Junior’s cheesecake I ate a 1/4th of it in one sitting. After that, I didn’t really keep track of slices and amounts, I just started eating it right out of the box with a fork. :yum:


is there any other way to eat it? :wink: