Pizza line



eric, i need some shared wisdom: had the pizza today, and had some uneven results. wondering if you could shed some ideas on how i could handle it better next time.

2:40 pm bolused at 90BG for 75 gms 25/75 % dual bolus for 2.5 hours
4:45 pm BG 175 (didnt do any correction, b/c i wanted to see this experiment through to the end)
5:45 pm BG 169
7:15 pm BG 111
8:15 pm BG 53 had 2 Gtabs
9 pm BG 77 bolused for lite dinner of 50 gms carbs
9:30 pm BG 54 (chocolate correction :blush: )

i am guessing that i didn’t take enough insulin up front and perhaps too much of a drag time. that maybe next time i should try a 40/60 % Split over 2 hours ?

what are your thoughts and suggestions? i really need help here b/c this pizza is out of this world. :wink:


I think you are on the right track by moving more insulin up front. Certainly seems that way from your BG numbers.

This point is often overlooked, but think about it like this. What is your insulin duration, 4 hours? Every bolus you take is extended. They all last 4 hours! Even if you don’t extend it on your pump, if you take a normal 100% bolus, it takes 4 hours for the whole thing to come in, right?

I usually do all my meals 100% up front. Occasionally I dabble with a 30 minute extended, but that is only if I am eating over time. Usually I do 100% because food lasts about 5 minutes on the plate in front of me. :yum:

I think going the other way - 75%/25% might work better for you. But play with it, change it, try it, adjust it, try it again.

Just like you did for swimming.

Make DM’s Pizza Thread and experiment! But start with 75%/25%. :wink:


i would love to start a DM Pizza Thread; but one diff between that and my swimming thread is that i don’t eat pizza every day. maybe once every other week. and as soon as i found the magic bolusing, that would be the end of the thread. i mean, how many times could that take? :wink:

also, when i eat a grilled cheese sandwich from my regular neighborhood diner, i have nailed the formula. bolus for 65 gms with a 50/50 % split over 2 hours. works every time. (took a long time to get it right, but it was deff worth it :blush: )


It took me a while to figure out that eating grilled cheese has a similar BG effect to pizza’s…and I love tomato soup and grilled cheese on chilly fall days.


now that you mentioned it, i will have to run out and buy some tomato soup. you’re 100% right; nothing like the foods for the Fall season. yummy. :wink:


well my experiment yesterday didn’t end the way that i wanted it to. although i ended up staying below 180, i ended up crashing in the end. but i did a 25/75 % split over 2.5 hours. next time i will try the 50/50 over 2 hours and see what happens.

with the way that i did it, i deffinately need more insulin up front and less of a duration. i spiked in the beginning and crashed at the end. but, it was an experiment and now i have learned that that was not the way to go :wink:


This was the April us! The today us does extended bolus over 1.5 hours with 0% up front. That works best for us. On top of this, we do a Temp Basal of 95% more for 4 hours.

This is how we hone things in, though! Constantly testing and refining methods to find what works best!

Hope the pizza was yummy!


how many slices does he eat and how many carbs does he bolus for?

yesterday i had just 1 1/2 slices, and i would prefer to have 2.


He is a 1 slicer right now. A slice of the pizza he usually eats is 15 carbs. So we do 0 up front and the whole 15 carbs worth over 1.5 hours + temp basal 95% more for 4 hours. And we feed him at the 30 minutes mark IF he’s over 110. If he’s under 110, we just feed him straight away because we know the pizza won’t begin acting for a while anyway.


I ordered a large pizza last week and the guy at the counter asked me, “Do you want your pizza cut into 6 slices or 8?”

I said, “You better make it 8 slices. I am hungry.”


■■■■■■■ hilarious !!!

I could totally see you saying this.



How about a “FUD Pizza” thread (like Michel did with the one for milkshakes/ banana splits? Many of us experiment with pizza and how to bolus for it! I find that pizza and Indian dishes are the biggest challenges for this Diabetic!! :smirk:


i can’t believe you posted that. this coming sat i have to go out to celebrate my cousin’s bday, and all she wanted was Thai food. i looked at the restaurants menu and everything is made with sugar. EVERYTHING. i don’t have a clue as to how much insulin i will need to take to eat just a salad!!!

very nervous and angry that she knows i am D and doesn’t really care. i want to just bag out on her, but that would be against my unlimited raison d’être . :blush:


i had to bolus for 75 gms carbs. what kind of pizza does your son eat???


i am telling you guys: eric is not really a D; he’s just a spy infiltrating our site. insulin is way too expensive for him to pay for his food habit :wink:


DM, in a situation like this, just over-dose for what you need. And hold off on dessert.

When you start to drop 1 hour later, or 2 hours later after dinner, or whatever - that is the time for desert.

If the food ends up having more carbs than you thought, and the over-dose turns out to be closer to what you actually needed, then you skip dessert.

Also take your insulin a bit earlier. Maybe 30 minutes or so, like as soon as you walk into the restaurant. Order a sweet drink. That way, if the dinner is taking to long to be served, and you start to drop. you have some sugar available.


i wanted to say that that sounds like a great plan, but my cousin just emailed me and there will be a change of venue. we will be eating at the world famous Peter Lugers Steak House. OMG. fabulous fatty fattening foods like enormous steaks, creamed spinach,huge fried potatoes, and on and on. its a never-ending food fest. and i am hoping that they will have key lime pie, which is my absolute favorite desert of all time. :blush:

i will do as you say, eric; i will totally over-bolus and sit back and enjoy every bite.


Usually Tombstone pepperoni, but whatever the carb information is on the pizza we’re baking, we just bolus for whatever 1 slice is.


this is one of the reasons (although not all of them) that i couldn’t deal with the Dexcom. i was obsessed with checking it every moment of the hour. i would panic if the arrows were going up or down, slow or fast. in the beginning it did help me learn about my body and how i metabolized food and how to bolus for diff foods, but after a year, i couldn’t take it anymore. now i just do about 20 finger sticks a day, and i have great control. i keep obscene amounts of notes so i can look and see how i am doing with each food. its a lot of work, but it beats dealing with the sensors !


Is Tombstone kind of an odd pizza for carbs? A lot of pizzas list 30+ grams or more per slice, depending on the type.

The Tombstone site shows it with 5 grams! Is that right?

I have had it before, but never really paid attention to the carbs on it. Does this sound right to you?

Maybe it is a mistake on the Tombstone site. Sites like fatsecret and myfitnesspal show it with much more. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



If you have a box of it, maybe you can take a look and let us know.