Peripheral neuropathy community forum

I found this site helpful in learning about my new condition, bladder cancer. I just got a notification of a new group on peripheral neuropathy and thought I would share.

So far no neuropathy from diabetes or chemotherapy, but we never know what the future holds.


Thanks for sharing and good luck with your bladder cancer adventure. Back in the 50s I was employed by 2 urologists as a tech/orderly. In the intervening years there has been a lot progress both in instrumentation and in treatment. Abrazos


I joined that site years ago when I was undergoing treatment for cancer. In the group there were several knowledgeable members who would always help out the newbie’s like me understand our labs and give advice on different meds and tests to get done.

In a way I think it was a lot like this forum! Just post a question and someone will try to explain what you need done in layman’s terms.

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