Parents, ever do this?

It was time to calibrate Samson’s Dexcom and we are staying at my parents house. Anyways, my husband goes into the room – Samson’s Dex reads 173. The kids are both huddled under their blankets with just a little bit of hair poking out. Finger stick. 83. Whoa-- huge difference! Second finger stick. 81.

He was about to recalibrate with that number when he noticed that the finger was bigger than Samson’s. It turned out that my kiddos had switched beds after we left them for the night, and we were finger-sticking Zane, who is non-D.

Good thing we didn’t calibrate based on that! When he tested the right kiddo, the meter reading wound up being pretty close to the Dexcom reading.


Not yet! But that story will be a fun one to tell when he’s older, though. lol


It says in the Dexcom user manual - make sure you are testing the right kid.


This is really funny!

I read a story where a parent fingerpricked a kid who was on a sleepover instead of their own. My friends would probably wake up with a jump if that ever happened. But I am so accustomed to it that, when my parents test me at night, I just give them my hand and don’t wake up (at least that’s what they say).

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I had to stop my sleepless wife from trying to test our young infant instead of our toddler. It happens.