Pandamania 10k Training Log

Run #1: 03/02/2024 : 22 Days to Go
Distance: 6.0 miles
Run Time: 1:12:19 or 72:19
RPE: ~6/10
Location: Treadmill
Surface: Treadmill
Shoe: Hoka Bondi 8
Start Time: 09:27 PST
Start BG: ~130
End BG: ~110

Notes: faster and easier than i expected! should eat further in advance.

*i wasn’t tracking all of this in as much detail as i should have; some metrics are missing and some are loose approximations or best guess or backfilled after the fact. i will be more systematic precise and organized starting with run #2 on monday! this is just to get the ball rolling. :panda_face::muscle: that means panda power! :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t2:

**i don’t know how else to thank @eric but to try hard and document this and follow the plan and share it all!


Hey, all looks good @panda! :+1:

Do you want me to paste your training plan in here too, from the other thread?

Also, don’t forget you daya Bettie stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


may as well, seems like it might be easier to centralize for anyone wanting to follow along or use it as a template, especially in the future. can’t hurt right?

Date: Workout:
Mon, Mar 4 3 mile run @ 11:00 pace
Tue, Mar 5 Do 1/2 mile easy warmup, then:
5 x 1/4 mile @ 9:13 pace with 3 minute easy recovery jog after each rep.

(With the warmup and the 5 reps, total miles will be somewhere around 3.0)
Wed, Mar 6 Easy 2 mile recovery run
Thu, Mar 7 3.5 mile tempo run
(@ 9:22-9:40 pace)
Fri, Mar 8 Rest
Sat, Mar 9 3 x 1.25 miles @ 10:00 pace, with 5 minute easy recovery jog after each rep.

(Total miles will be somewhere around 5.0)
Sun, Mar 10 Rest

Rest Day: Recovery Activity : 21 Days to Go

6:00: up and at em, good morning! BG: ~123, Lantus: 6u

7:00: NovoLog 1u, 0.25c full fat cottage cheese w/ everything bagel seasoning, 15 almonds, 4 strawberries, black coffee

11:00: NovoLog 1u, 2 egg omelet with ham/swiss/tomato, low sugar cranberry mimNOsa (fun mocktail! 5g sugar)

12:00: MaraMeander for 3mi easy: start BG ~110 : end BG ~78

13:00: NovoLog 2u, turkey and cheese sandwich on keto bagel thin with strawberries and 1 honeycrisp apple (lunchbox size), Bubly H2O

15:00: NovoLog 1u, whole wheat crackers, cheese stick, baby carrots

18:00: NovoLog 1u, 0.25c brown rice with soy-ginger prawns/broccoli/cashews

20:00: mini PB protein bar, herbal tea

23:00: BG ~103, Lantus 12u, bedtime goodnight!

DAILY TOTALS: 18u Lantus, 6u NovoLog, 30 min gentle walking

See y’all tomorrow for run # 2!

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Love this description! It makes me smile, and I know it made M smile, too, resulting in a great BG range for you, too!


Hi @panda!
Looking at the drop from 110 to 78. How much time between those checks?

Is there a general time of day when you will normally run? Or is it various times?

roughly 1hr. i usually run mornings, unless it’s a long run then sometimes early afternoon.

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since everyone here got me thinking smarter and i read a bunch of older threads that answered questions for me, i have been charting a lot better!!! off to the treadmill now!

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I assume those are with no breakfast?

Let’s take a look at taking your Lantus after those morning runs, and see how that works for you.

If you are high in the morning before a run, you will soon be able to take a very small correction. For example, something like 0.20 units. :open_mouth:

Wow, that’s almost like having a pump, right?!


Was it 98?

Tell us about it. :+1:

Run #2: 3 Mile Steady State : 20 Days to Go

Sleep Hours: 7

6:00: monday monday monday, here we go! BG: ~86, Lantus: 6u

8:15 BG: 105, NovoLog 1u, black coffee, dilute juice (5g sugar), PB PerfectBar mini (9g carb)

8:45: 3miles @ 11:00/mile, Start BG: 115, End BG: 155, max BG 200+

10:00 BG High 190^, NovoLog 2u

10:25 BG 220^

11:00: BG 210, NovoLog 2u

13:00: BG 60, juice (25g)

13:30: BG 80, Rise Whey bar (25g carbs), baby carrots, cheese stick, almonds + honey cashews

14:00: MaraMosey for 2mi easy, start BG 85, end BG 60

15:00: BG 60, juice box (15g), turkey/swiss/veggies on keto bagel thin, 5 strawberries

18:00: BG 108, brown rice and prawn/broccoli leftovers, NovoLog 2u

20:00: Lantus 12u, mini PB PerfectBar, herbal tea

23:00: good night, let’s do it again tomorrow!

DAILY TOTALS: 18u Lantus, 7u NovoLog, 3miles @ 11min/mile, 2miles MaraMosey

Run #2: 03/04/2024
Distance: 3.04 miles
Run Time: 32:18
RPE: ~7/10
Location: Treadmill
Surface: Treadmill
Shoe: Hoka Torrent 2
Start Time: 09:00 PST
End Time: 09:32 PST
Start BG: ~120
End BG: ~155

Notes: felt good, but my clever insulin/sugar plan did not work. will try running empty and dosing lantus post-run tomorrow 3/5. i ended at 155 and continued spiking after i cooled out. overall had a hard time getting my graph back on track after i worked out.

See y’all tomorrow for run # 3!


hey fam full report to come tonight but i’m so thrilled here’s a sneak preview: there’s a run in there!!! :star_struck: no morning lantus == better!

note: i have also speculated (as @eric knows) that i may have some residual pancreatic function gumming up the works. my c peptide was low, but not nonexistent, and i get really erratic results a lot of the time even doing the exact same things. paired with that low c peptide, i have pretty high autoantibodies and have progressed relatively rapidly for LADA, so i suspect my degree of function is highly in flux but overall declining.


Taking a look at the pre-run BG and breakfast, it look like you were heading upwards before your run, but not too steep of a climb.

Not sure if you have discovered this yet, but you may need different amounts of insulin at different times of the day, even if the amount of carbs is the same.

It is pretty common for a person to need more insulin in the morning than they need in the evening.

Some of the spike to 155 might have been the food, but some of it might have been the run itself. This will eventually get easier, the spike will become less as your fitness improves.

If you are running without eating, it’s easier to pinpoint that the spike is only from the run. But… it will also make the exercise a bit more challenging. We can get the BG stuff figured out a little bit, and then introduce food back into the mix again.

As I mentioned before, but worth saying again, 2 hours is ideal for eating before a run. That gives you the benefit of the food but not as much insulin left over.

Also, do you spike from coffee alone? Let’s check that out on your next off day, which is Friday.


i think it was the food because i ran empty (other than my black gold) today too and stayed waaaay more level. i have checked coffee before and (luckily since it’s basically my life force) it doesn’t seem to bother me but i’ll run the experiment again friday to be sure.

i usually crater somewhere mid afternoon: i know to check everything around 3pm because it’s often trying to run off a cliff for no obvious reason. so i seem more insulin sensitive later in the day. i have also wondered if afternoon is when my mostly-dead good-for-nothin organ sorta sputters to life and coughs some random amount of insulin out just to ruin my day :rofl::woman_shrugging:t2::grimacing:




nah, coach, you rock! teamwork makes the dream work!


i fell asleep on the couch and didn’t get yesterday’s report up before i shuffled off to dreamland for realsies. here it is!

Run #3: Interval Quarters : 19 Days to Go

Sleep Hours: 6.5

6:00: Terrific Tuesday! BG: 98, black coffee - no Lantus preworkout today

7:30: Interval Quarters run, start BG: 115, End BG: 129

8:30: BG 122, Lantus 6u, Novolog 2u

8:45: mini ham+egg wafflewich, protein shake/smoothie with greek yogurt and fresh berries, more coffee. always coffee.

9:00-12:00: errands, no inputs*

12:00: BG 75 and heading for the basement, dilute juice (5g sugar) to head off a low and plan to eat lunch once sugar stabilizes so i I know how much NovoLog

12:30: so much for that. BG 205, NovoLog 2u

1:10: BG 103, turkey/swiss/veggies on keto bagel thin, almonds, small apple

2:00: BG 118

3:00: BG 68 and dropping - right on schedule, it’s that daily 3pm cliff. i have no idea but this happens a lot, will be a roller coaster for a while treated with juice boxes and glucose tablets til it stabilizes, usually around 5:30pm. i don’t take any extra insulin or do any activity to prompt this, and it gets really old. i frequently end up pretty badly hypo symptomatic, sweating and stuff. i don’t like it and i think it may be residual pancreatic function like i said.

6:00: right on schedule, stabilizing around BG 85-95, NovoLog 2u

6:15: 0.5c 50/50 brown rice and diced celery, 6oz steak with side salad, dark and stormy mocktail (8g sugar)

8:00: BG 123, Lantus 12u, mini PB PerfectBar (9g carbs, low GI)

11:00: BG 93, nighty night, don’t let those bedbugs bite!

DAILY TOTALS: 18u Lantus, 6u NovoLog, Interval Quarters, errand day

Run #3 03/05/2024
Distance: 3.02 miles
Song of the Day: “Texas Hold ‘Em”, Beyonce
Run Time: 34:11
RPE: ~ 8/10
Location: Treadmill
Surface: Treadmill
Shoe: Hoka Clifton 9
Start Time: 07:30 PST
End Time: 08:30 with coolout/stretch/core exercises
Start BG: 115
End BG: 129 and dropping

Notes: well, that went better than yesterday! i will be planning to do morning runs with no pre-run Lantus going forward.

*because i live in a very weird little cabin out in the sticks, errand day is about 100 miles of driving and it takes a while, since most of our windy little roads don’t drive so fast :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t2: this can result in extended periods where i zone out on food insulin and checking BG cause we are just on the go and i get mission focused. it’s noted as something to work on.


Numbers look good! :+1:

I am guessing you took your Lantus roughly 12 hours the night before, right?

So you still had a little bit in your system, but it was a good amount. We can also look at changing the timing of your dose the night before, if it helps.

Also, you had a slight increase from when you woke up (98 to 115), so the upward trend was good for keeping you from dropping.

Those are things to look at.

I am assuming your race will be in the morning. It would be good to get a dosing/meal strategy for the race. 2 hours is ideal. Can you do some of those?

And yes, you can race without eating breakfast. Just long term (for longer races), at some point you gotta figure out a pre-run breakfast.

What is your total carb count for the day?

Good work, yesterday!